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ClearPlus Integrated Rear Wiper Blade Review - 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Review of the ClearPlus Integrated Rear Wiper Blade on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, we're gonna be installing the 12 inch Clear Plus Integrated Rear Wiper Blade, part number CP18121. This is gonna be a 12 inch blade custom fit for your Grand Cherokee.Rear wiper blades are often overlooked. This one here's all worn out, as you can see; it doesn't have a clean swipe. And when we try and clean it off, it just streaks up and makes things worse.As you can see here, with our new blade installed, it's a nice streak-free finish. And as you can see here looking out the back windshield, when you turn around or through your rear view mirror, we can see everything clearly behind us.This blade can be used to replace your old worn out wiper blade. Old blades get all brittle on the end.

As you can see here, this one's still got its nice smooth rubber texture that's flexible, so that way it'll form to your window and wipe off any moisture and dirt. It has a textured matte black plastic look, so it'll look just like your factory blade.It has multiple pivoting points, with three areas that'll form to your window. This'll be a much easier solution than getting a refill. When you get a refill, you keep your old worn out blade that may not quite form to the window right. You have to fiddle with the ends to get the rubber to slide out and slide the new one in, without damaging the metal strip inside that keeps it straight.

This is good for when making lane change maneuvers on the highway, or when you're backing up, so you can see and not run into anything.Now to get your old blade off, you see here you can't lift it up enough to get the blade off. You'll need to remove the cover by pulling outward on the bottom of the tabs, and lifting it up. Some flip up, some come completely off. And this'll allow you to get your blade to fully retract outward, then pull outward on the bottom of the blade and slide it off.To install your new blade, you'll take the loop opening on the end of your arm and hook it onto the crossbeam in the middle of your blade. Then take the bottom and pivot inward until it snaps into place, lower your arm, and replace your cover.And that completes our installation of the 12 inch Clear Plus Integrated Rear Wiper Blade on our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee..

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