ClearPlus Intelli Curve Windshield Wiper Blade Installation - 2020 Chevrolet Colorado

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How to Install the ClearPlus Intelli Curve Windshield Wiper Blade on a 2020 Chevrolet Colorado

Hey guys, welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at the ClearPlus Intelli Curve windshield wiper blade on our 2020 Chevy Colorado. Now this can be a simple way to actually replace those failing wiper blades on our Colorado and take a look at the Intelli Curve. You can see, we do have this curve system here what that's going to do. It's going to get this constant pressure as we go around.

So it's just one of the multitude ways wiper blades are going to work on us and see I'm going to get a nice pressure throughout the entire thing as this cover is going to be pushing that blade onto it and see that cover doing a good job too of actually covering the inner housing. So yes, we do have the springs inside but this outer cover going to do a good job keeping that rain, sleet, and rain off the inside of our blade. So it can be very nice for us when we are dealing with those severe weather conditions. Now, this is going to be pretty good just for most of your rain. If you're looking for a lot of bug guts and stuff, I could see this, maybe, you know breaking down quite quickly.

It's only got one blade on here although it is going to be very, very durable if we just have our normal amount of weather conditions. So first things first, we make sure we have a towel or some kind of foam blocker underneath our blade here. This is a spring loaded metal blade. So as we take this off, if it we're to accidentally fall in we definitely don't want it doing any damage to our windshield. So make sure we're taking the necessary safety precautions.

Now, this is where things might get a little different at home. Your older wiper blade that's on here, You may have had it replaced, it might be factory, might be just a little different. Today, we just have a little plastic clip here. You can kind of hear it hopefully. And all we have to do is actually press that guy in and work this blade down.

You can see already releasing itself being careful not to do too much to it. And then we can just walk this guy out like, so and that is our old blade. Now, as you can see, this is a J style hook. Now this automatically comes with our J style fastener on here. This adapter right here. However ClearPlus does throw in a multitude of different adapters. You can see these two little guys. So if for some reason you don't have the J style hook, ClearPlus is also going to have you covered with their other adapters. However, most of us at home are going to be having this J style. So take a look at the adapter. You can see where this ridge sits between these two flanges. That's actually where our J style hook is going to go onto and go around. So go ahead, stick that guy up, like so add in our blade and you can see it's going to want to pinch itself right in there. And those flanges are actually going to be what's holding that J style in as well. So let's see, going to be doing a good job of pivoting. Not going to be coming undone unless I really give it that right directional force. So we can go ahead and lay that down and let's go ahead and take a look at the passenger side. We just want to go ahead, make sure we're having something to protect our windshield popping this guy like so. Go ahead and putting that plastic piece down. Getting that open, just give you guys a quick little look. This is actually what we we're messing with here. So you can see that little plastic clip is what's holding these guys in. Again that might be different at home, but hopefully you guys have something similar and again, to put this on we just find those hinge flanges like that, find that J hook mount. Then quickly just pull it through. Might be a little tricky to actually get it within those flanges as they are designed to pinch it. So just make sure we're getting it nice and stable and pulling it like, so, and there we go. We're going to clip in, and again those flanges are actually going to be holding that top in. So don't be worried when they're a little pinchy at the top there. Just make sure we're nice and smooth when we're inserting it. And now we're ready to wipe. Here we are just simulating a little bit of rain on our guys but we've seen a little bit of streaking. I think that's actually going to be more from the windshield wiper fluid. That's kind of leaving that behind So you can see just a little bit there, but quickly fading. So doing a very good job of getting a lot of pressure across the entirety of the blade. And that's what that Intelli Curve is really coming into play. You can see getting constant pressure around the whole thing and I can see right through. well that about does it for our install of these blades, If you're looking for a good way of getting constant pressure on your windshield blades. I think this is a pretty excellent option than Intelli Curve doing a good job of actually getting the entirety of that windshield. Good pressure throughout, not leaving any kind of skips in the blade, which is definitely good to see. We're seeing a little bit of streaking on that right side. I think that was primarily just from the windshield wiper fluid, but again I think it's doing a good job of actually clearing that rain off. It's definitely gonna hold out well for you too. And I think that hard cover around it is hopefully gonna prevent that inner assembly from having any kind of deterioration from any of the weather elements we might run into. Well, I think that about does it for our look at the ClearPlus Intelli Curve on our 2020 Chevy Colorado. I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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