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CIPA Strap On Universal Fit Towing Mirror Installation - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

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How to Install the CIPA Strap On Universal Fit Towing Mirror on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we'll be taking a look at our CIPA universal towing mirrors. These are strap-on towing mirrors, and we're taking a look at them on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner. So if you have your 4Runner and you're ready to go on an adventure, but you're also towing a trailer, an RV, or in our case, a boat, what may happen is as you drive down the highway, you need an extended field of view because as you switch lanes, your factory mirror is usually not enough to see the lane behind you where your trailer is. That's where a towing mirror like this comes in handy. It gives you an extended field of view so that you can drive safely on the highway.

So this is a universal fit towing mirror. So we're gonna take a look at how it fits on our 4Runner, the best way to use it, as well if it's the right fit for you, your vehicle, and whatever you're towing behind you. Talking about how this fits your 4Runner's factory mirror is we do have these two pads, or I guess cups, that are on the outside of the mirror, and they seem to fit very well. Now this third one towards the back of the mirror, though, it does have a place on the edge of your factory housing. So it's not as secure of a fit as the other two pads.

So something to keep in mind and make sure that your ratcheting straps are tightened down. So now we'll take a look at the comparison of the view between your factory mirror and our towing mirror. So I'm waving at you from our factory mirror. This is usually how you have it on your vehicle. You can kind of see behind you, you can see the trailer behind you, but now, I'll walk over to the next lane.

So here we are, there's a trailer in line with the boat trailer that was behind the 4Runner. So you can see how I'm not in view in the factory mirror anymore, but I am in the towing mirror. So you can see how helpful this would be on the highway, where you do have space for your 4Runner, but you might not have space for your trailer behind you. So we can see here how this is a small, flat lens. So there's two types of lenses, flat and convex.

If it's gonna be small like this, I would actually recommend a convex lens, which gives you a wider range of view. This is more true to size as well as true to space, but then you do see how it cuts off towards the end. If you do have a larger trailer, maybe consider getting a larger flat lens or possibly a convex lens, but if you just have a teeny, tiny trailer, this might still work out for you. What it does have going for it though, are these clips that just clip into your housing. I do like how low profile they are because they can still allow me to move my own factory lens. And then what's really holding it down are the ratcheting straps in the back, as well as the pads in the back. So this is a kind of a nice design. This is a movable lens. So once you are inside your vehicle, you can move this around, up, down, left, right, just to get the best fit for you and whatever you're hauling. Since it's only attached to your factory housing, you can also fold this in with your factory mirror if needed, and it doesn't come in contact with any part of your vehicle. The install process is very simple. It just requires clipping in the clips and tightening it down, so let's take a look at that. So the install process is very simple. Really, the hardest part is just kind of getting the right fit on your mirror. So notice how we have these little pads over here, they go behind your mirror. And then these straps with these hooks, they go into the top and the bottom of your mirror housing. So just kind of put it where you want it to be on your factory mirror and then tighten it down with this knob. So this will rack down those straps. And when you need to take your mirror off, all you need to do is to pull this knob out. You may need to use a little bit of force, and then that will allow you to loosen those straps. Don't forget to tighten down those knobs on the inside where those pads are, just to secure those pads to your mirror. And your final step is to get into your vehicle and then adjust your mirror, just so you can see your trailer, as well as the road behind you. And once that's done, you're done with the install. If you do have the passenger side, don't forget to install that too. So my personal thoughts about this mirror is I usually really like the CIPA universal towing mirror, just because of its design. I like how sleek it is and how almost factory it is. even though it's a universal fit. Now for the 4Runner though, I kind of wish that that third section pad wasn't as on the edge as it is. We couldn't really place it anywhere else because then we would lose sight of the trailer behind us, and that's the whole point of having a towing mirror. So while that ratcheting strap is really useful, it does depend on what you're towing. If you are carrying a larger trailer, maybe consider the K-Source universal towing mirror, which has a larger lens and gives you a larger field of view. But if you want something that's really sleek and looks almost factory-like, and not as big and bulky as the other towing mirrors, this might still be a good option for you. And that was a look right here at our CIPA universal towing mirrors that are strap-on and in the color black, here on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner..

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