Cipa Custom Towing Mirrors Installation - 2014 Ford F150

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How to Install the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2014 Ford F150

Today on our 2014 Ford F150, we're going to be doing an installation of the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors in the slip on design for both the driver and the passenger side, part number CM11800. These mirrors are also sold individually. If you only want to buy the driver's side, it's part number 11801. If you would only need the passenger side, it's part number 11802. Let's go over a few features of it. You'll notice this mirror out here, this larger mirror. This is the outer towing mirror, helps give you a wider field of view as well as allow you to see past those wider trailers or campers that you may be towing.

It is fully adjustable, but it is manually adjustable, so you will need to move it by hand. It also does not restrict the movement of the factory mirror, still gives you full range of motion there. You'll notice how it's custom molded to the factory mirror itself, so that it's nice and tight when it's tightened down. It doesn't move around as you're going down the road. To actually install the mirror, there's just one simple knob that you'll need to tighten down. That's what secures the mirror in place.

There's a wedge that goes behind it. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's move over to the driver's side and we'll show you how to put these on the vehicle. Here's what our CIPA Custom Towing Mirror looks like. You can see inside, there's a ball and socket style mirror mount, so that it moves around, has a threaded piece right here. That's what secures it to the factory mirror.

You'll notice how it's kind of contoured here, just like that to the factory mirror. Before installing your new mirror, you'll want to make sure that you've cleaned off the plastic portion here, that you've got no dirt and debris on it. It could potentially rub between the towing mirror and your factory mirror, leaving light scratches on the factory mirror. Now we have our mirror cleaned, take our mirror and slide it over the factory mirror. This right here is what the wedge looks like that we'll be using to secure our mirror. The wedge will slide in there like this.

It does come with a neoprene strip, so you can peel the backing off and adhere the neoprene strip like that. Once you have the strip in place, slide the wedge in behind the mirror, between the factory mirror and the towing mirror. You'll be lining this hole up right here with this threaded hole. Once that's done, you'll take the plastic bolt, thread it into position, securing the towing mirror to your factory mirror. As you can see here, the factory mirrors are fully adjustable, like we mentioned on the other side. This truck does not have power mirrors, so we're having to move it by hand, but you can get full range of motion out of the factory mirror with our CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors installed. With that, that will do it for our installation and test fit of the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors in a slip on design for both the driver and the passenger side, part number CM11800 on our 2014 Ford F150. .

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