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Yates Boat Trailer Keel Roller and CE Smith Bracket Installation

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How to Install a Yates Boat Trailer Keel Roller and a CE SMIth Bracket

Today on our Jon boat trailer, we are going to be installing the C.E. Smith bracket for boat trailer rollers out of galvanized steel, part number CE10301G. In addition to the bracket, we are also going to be installing a Yates Keel roller for boat trailers, part number YR5244-105EC. Here is the bracket that we are going to be installing here on our boat trailer. We are going to be installing it here on this cross member and on our particular trailer, there is already actually a couple of holes already drilled in the trailer that line up with these adjustment slots here. It does have the 5/8" hole drilled in the upper part of the bracket that allows for a roller such as one like this. Slide it into place and you will need to supply your own hardware to attach the bracket to your boat trailer, as well as to attach the roller to the bracket. I will go ahead and pick our bracket here. Go ahead and line it up.

On the back side here we are going to put a washer and a nut. Go ahead and do that for the other hole as well so we can kind of keep the bracket up. Next, we are going to need to install the roller here. To install the roller to our bracket, we are going to be using a 5/8" bolt, couple of 5/8" flat washers, 5/8" lock washer and a 5/8" hex nut. Go ahead and put a washer on the bolt first and then go ahead and get our roller into the bracket. Now that we have our roller lined up, we will go ahead and slide our bolt through the bracket and the roller. We will then put another flat washer, slide our lock washer and finally the hex nut into place.

Go ahead and tighten down the roller and make sure that it is still able to be moved. Go ahead and slide it up so we are touching the bottom of the boat. Now that we have the bracket and the roller in the proper position, we will go ahead and tighten everything down. This right here is just one example of how you can use this panel bracket from C.E. Smith. Depending on your exact application, you may need to use more of a U-bolt style to attach it to your trailer. C.E.

Smith does sell these and that is part number CE15252A for a three inch long version, or for a four inch long U-bolt, it is part number CE15253A. Depending on your trailer will depend on exactly how you mount it. With that, that will conclude our installation of the C.E. Smith panel bracket for boat trailer rollers made out of galvanized steel, part number CE10301G on our Jon boat trailer.

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