Carr XRS Rota Light Mounting Bar Installation - 1999 Jeep Wrangler

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How to Install the Carr XRS Rota Light Mounting Bar on a 1999 Jeep Wrangler

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Carr XRS Rota Light mounting bar for the Jeep Wrangler. This offers black powder-coated steel construction. It's part number is CARR210661. Here's what their bracket's going to look like installed. You can see it comes across, looks really nice on the Jeeps, custom fit so anything from your '97 Wranglers all the way up to the '06 Wranglers, not going to have an issue with the bolts. They're going to go right in here on the side and secure it.

Has a really nice, durable finish on it, it's a black powder-coat finish. Even if some limbs and stuff come up here and hit it, we're not going to be too worried about that. This is a 50" light bar we've got installed, so it's got good capacity. You can put up to four pounds worth of lights on top of it. It'll be able to take care of a few smaller ones or one bigger one, whatever you want to put up there. The wiring comes down and it's actually got little clips in here that are going to hold that in place.

Those are on both sides, so if you're taking wiring down both pillars, that's not going to be an issue. You don't have to . you're not stuck with going to one side or trying to figure out how to keep your wires tucked in there and keep them from flopping around. Another great thing about the Rota Mount is that we're able to, just by loosening a bolt here on each side, tilt this down to where it'd be nice and level. If we're daytime off-roading and we want to tuck it away, or if we need to tuck that light down to get in the garage, it's not a big ordeal to do that. Here you'll see the three bolts that are designed to hold it in place.

No drilling's going to be required, they go right in to factory locations. If we come up the bracket a little bit, on each side we've got a rubber grommet. In ordinary situations, that's not going to make contact with the Jeep, but if it we're to get bumped, maybe off-road, a tree or something like that, that's going to prevent contact between the bracket and the paint finish itself. To begin the installation of our light bar, what we need to do is a little bit of pre-assembly, not really a big deal. We want to take the two parts of our Rota .. See how they're designed to rotate 180 degrees there.

Through that we're going to place our 3/8" bolt with a flat washer. You'll see we've got the welded nut plate, that's going to thread right on that back side. When it comes time to tighten this down, which isn't right now, but you'll need a 5/16" hex bit for that. It does come with it, just a little bit easier to use than the socket. Once we've got that together, we'll bring in one of our side plates. You can see the four holes in that line up with the four holes there, leaving our adjustment screw open. One thing Carr does recommend is a little bit of Loctite, a little dab in each of our holes there. That'll just keep our screws from ever backing out, especially on the Jeeps. You know how we knock them around a little bit, bump them around here and there. We'll keep everything nice and secure. We'll just thread the smaller screws in. You'll see that little black nylon washer. You want to be sure you have that on there. Once you have all these started we can get these tightened down. This time we'll be using a 3/16" bit driver. This one doesn't come with the kit so you will need a 3/16 Allen key available to get these secured. We'll do this exact same thing for both sides. We've got another one pre-assembled here, you can see. Now we'll grab our crossbar and get that installed. We can take the cross rail, that's going to fit right into that bracket, may have to squeeze it up in there. Once that's in place, we've got our smaller button-head bolt there that's going to go right through there. Rotate so you can see where it comes out. Once we have that there you want to place on one of our square washer plates. It's going to have the two holes, then we've got a nylon lock nut. When we get that secured down and do the same thing for the other side. Once we have that smaller bolt snug down, we're ready at that point to add the light bar to the Jeep, then we can add whatever type of lights we want. In this case, we're using part number MT80636. This light bar measures about 54", and it seems to be a perfect fit using that existing hole here on the outside, so you don't have to worry about other mounts going across the board. Just want to remember that use any hardware that your light kit tells you to. In this case we've got those rubber spacers or pads for it to sit on, absorbs some of the shock. Then we're just going to use, instead of the 3/4" bolt that came with the kit, we've got a 5/16 by 18 by 1.5" bolt that we're using to replace that. We're going to put that two-holed metal washer back in place, put our lock nut back in place, and then we'll tighten it down. In each of the side brackets there's going to be a larger hole here at the top. We've got some grommets that we need to put in there. Smaller side should be toward the inside there. You should be able to twist them in there. If not, you can do a little bit of spray lubricant on them and that'll help them slide in a little bit easier if you have any troubles. Another nice thing about the Carr light bar is going to be the . You see these small little clips in here That's designed for us to be able to slide our wiring right in and behind there. We won't have to worry about running zip ties around or something like that to keep it secure. That should give us enough room there. Now we're ready to position the light bar up on the roof of the vehicle. It's a good idea to get at least one extra set of hands, maybe even two. This is going to mount directly to the bolts that go into the side of the windshield. We're going to back each of these out. Now we're going to set those aside. We've got a black pad, it's going to be rubber that gives us some protection between the bracket and the vehicle, going to put that in place. We can take our provided hardware there, 5/16" cap head screws. There's going to be that black nylon washer we want to put on there. Place that through our bracket, and then into the hole that lines up with it there, right there in that bottom. You just going to have to tilt that bracket so your bolts line up properly. Then you'll need that 3/16 hex driver. Now we'll go do the same thing over on the other side. Now we can just back off the screws here in the brackets a little bit. That's going to allow us to set that angle. Once you have that set where you want, then we'll just tighten down the bolts here on the side. That's really all there is to it. That'll complete our installation of the Carr XRS Rota Light mounting bar for the Jeep Wrangler, part number CARR210661, on our 1999 Jeep Wrangler.

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