Carr Hoop II Custom Fit Side Steps Installation - 2012 Ram 1500

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How to Install the Carr Hoop II Custom Fit Side Steps on a 2012 Ram 1500

Today on our 2012 Ram 1500 we're going to be installing the Carr Custom-Fit Side Steps. These are the Hoop II. The 7" studs may come as a pair. Part number is CARR105771. Here's what the step is going to look like once you get it installed on your vehicle. As you can see it complements the vehicle nicely, really nice smooth edge and an extremely grippy top section here so you're going to get really good traction when getting on and off. It's a nice light weight anodized aluminum, or a coated aluminum.

I was a little skeptical at first. I was like, "Man these are pretty light weight." But once they we're on the truck and secured, they're really nice, really solid. They've got coated brackets which you'll see when we get it installed. Those are also going to help prevent any kind of rust or anything like that to give us a good, long-lasting product. You can imagine how to use them. We're just going to step on and get right up in the pickup.

As you can see, really nice, good, sturdy step. Gives us that extra little bit we need to get in here without having to struggle. Another great feature is going to be the full adjustability to allow you to customize your step and get it nice and level for all applications. We're going to begin our installation today by judging where the front edge of that seat is. We're going to make a mark right down here on the pinch weld that'll line up with that. You'll want to do this first.

Your two doors on whichever side you want to start on, and then after that I'm going to take a measurement from this front edge back to this mark, back to the mark I've already made here on the rear, and then make those happen on the other side as well. We're going to find a fixed point to measure from. We'll just use that rubber grommet there that are on both sides. We'll measure back to our first mark. We'll mark that measurement down and then also our second.

Now we can just take those over to the other side and put them in the same place. Now from each of the marks we made we're going to measure 4-3/16" in both the front side and the back side. With those verified we'll take one of the clamps. We're just going to go kind of behind and make sure that we don't have any interference. Everything looks fine there. We should be able to mount that location. Now let's check our rear location. Same thing here. We're going to go 4-3/16" to each side. Those look good. Same thing, check those little spots with our clamp and make sure we don't have any issues. Should be a great surface to mount to. In each of those marks we're going to mark the center of our pinch weld. That'll be where we'll start our holes. We can do the same thing on the other side. We'll use an 1/8" drill bit to get our pilot holes going in each one of our hole locations. Now we'll go take care of the passenger side. Now we'll take our 5/16" drill bit and drill our holes out to this side. I'll go get the passenger side done. Now we'll go to the back side of each of our holes and just kind of smooth it out. We're using a high speed bit here, but you could use a file or screwdriver even to just kind of knock of any of the burrs. We'll do the same thing over on the other side. Now it's time to get our brackets put up into place. We'll use the 5/16" bolt. We're going to bring this through the hole we had drilled. Then slide on our spacer, then our bracket, then we'll place our nut on the back side of that. If you can, you can put a washer behind here, but it said in the instructions that's going to be optional if it's available. We'll snug this down. You just want to keep an eye on your bracket and make sure it's level, which we can kind of adjust as we go along. With that one in place let's get our other one put on. Now we'll bring our step up, feed through our bolts after putting a washer on them. Then we're going to secure it on the other side with another flat washer and one of our nylon locking nuts. Now that we've got those in place we'll just level them up. Kind of tap them into place there. Now it's time to get our 1/8" drill bit back out. We're going to drill a pilot hole right in the center of the two 1/4" holes located on the top of each of the brackets. We can take our supplied 5/8" sheet metal screws and secure the top of our brackets with them. With those in place you can see our step sitting nice and level. If it weren't the case, we could simply remove a bolt here and here and pick one of the seven different height settings to make it appropriate for our application. With it level where it's at we're going to tighten down our four remaining bolts and we can move on to our next step. Nice and sturdy, ready to help us get in our truck. We'll bring our spacer back over it there. I found it's easier sometimes to turn that bracket upside down when you're putting your bolt on and then just kind of use the body of the truck as you rotate it up to help get it in position. Once we get that one in place let's get our other one put up. Anywhere we can we're going to put a washer on, but again as the instructions say, not a requirement. It'll just give us a little additional support. One thing that's good to note before we tighten this one up, you see how our spacer came down a little bit, we're just going to tap that up. That way as we tighten it down it won't be hanging down below the level of our bed. Let's get our step up into position using the same hardware as the front side. Now we can drill our pilot holes for this one. Now we'll bring our 5/16" screws in and secure the tops. With all of our fasteners secure, that's going to complete today's look at the Carr Custom-Fit Side Steps. The Hoop II. Part number is CARR105771 on our 2012 Ram 1500. .

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