CargoGlide 1500XL Sliding Tray Installation - 2009 Dodge Ram

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How to Install a CargoGlide 1500XL Sliding Tray on a 2009 Dodge Ram

Today we will be installing our Cargoglide Sliding Tray on our 2009 Dodge Ram Quad Cab, part number cg1500xl-7548. To begin with you will want to clean the bed of your truck out. Next, youll want to position the cargo slider in the bed of the truck and youll want to center it between the wheel wells, as well as setting it about a half inch from the front of the bed. You will want to get the help of at least three other friends to help you set this unit into the bed of your truck. You will notice that the feet on this particular unit all bolt on the outside of the rails, and all of the locations are on the top section of the bed rib. Now that you see where the bolts will be drilled through, youll want to look under the bed and make sure there will be nothing in the way when you drill through.

Now, you will notice in our installation we had to remove the tailgate cover because the sliding tray interfered with it. Once you have the cargo slider situated in your bed, youll want to pull it back to the first stop notch and mark the first two holes. Now that youve done this, youll need to slide the whole unit back far enough that you can go ahead and drill your holes. To do this we will start with a pilot hole of an 1/8-inch bit. Then we will use a 7/16 drill bit to make the final hole.

Once this hole is done youll install your plus nuts using the installer nut tool as well as the longer bolt supplied with the kit. Now once you have both of the anchor points set you will need to remove the bolt as well as the tool needed to install them. Now that we have this done on both of the front holes, youll want to slide the unit back into position and bolt these two down. With this completed youll want to have somebody hold the back of the unit as you slide it all the way out as then the unit is not securely fastened to the bed yet to mark your other six holes. Youll repeat the same process that we did for the first two holes.

Now that the unit is securely fastened to the bed, we will go ahead and install the side rail extenders. These are done by using a hex key wrench and a wrench to hold the nut. As you will notice, you have to angle the pieces to slide them into the track properly. Now that the unit has been bolted down and the side extenders added, you can see how the latch works on a sliding unit. It is under the center section and it is painted red.

You will also notice that this unit slides all the way out to the back of the bed section. You can also use the channel that is along both sides as well as the front of the cargo glide to install the o-ring tie down locations. A few additional things to note for this particular unit; the actual tray area is approximately six foot long by four foot wide. The original sides are approximately 3 inches, and once you add the side extenders you get approximately 8 inches of height. And thatll do it for the installation on our 2009 Dodge Ram Quad Cab of the Cargoslide Sliding Tray 1500xl, part number cg1500xl-7548.

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