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Bright Way Deep Cycle RV Battery Installation - 2000 Starcraft Starcraft Fifth Wheel

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How to Install the Bright Way Deep Cycle RV Battery on a 2000 Starcraft Starcraft Fifth Wheel

Hi there trailer owners, today on your 2000 Starcraft Homestead, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install Bright Way Group's 12 volt AGM battery. These upgraded batteries from Bright Way Group are going to provide you with an AGM solution that's going to replace your existing batteries. And these are going to offer you an immense amount of capacity over your traditional batteries that you have at the front of your trailer. Now you can see here that this is a significantly larger battery in size, but the capacity we have in here really does, just kind of, amaze me in comparison to what the typical batteries we've pulled out. The ones that we pulled out, they're probably a little bit less than half of this size, but they have less than one-third of the capacity that these have.So it's pretty crazy that we've got a battery that's just a little over double the size, but has over triple the capacity inside of it. And with it being an AGM battery, that means it's going to be a completely sealed spill proof battery so we don't have to worry about any acid leaking out and stuff, into our compartment here and it's completely sealed so it's nice not to have to worry about any fumes and stuff like that.

They're internally vented so they do take care of themselves inside by regulating the pressure internally to make sure that it stays a nice, complete sealed unit. Now, with these being AGM batteries though, you do want to keep in mind that AGM does have a slightly different charge strategy than what your regular flooded lead acid batteries has. So you want to make sure you've got an appropriate controller when charging these batteries up.We've got plenty of different chargers here at as well as other solutions to have to keep your batteries charged up such as a solar system, which comes with an appropriate controller that you can get here at etrailer to properly charge AGM batteries, as well as many other types of batteries. There's also the BCDC battery charger, which you can either install on your vehicle or on your trailer and that's going to take the battery voltage that's coming from the alternator on your truck, it's going to step that voltage up to ensure you can fully charge up our batteries. And that's also has the appropriate battery type selection on the BCDC so you can make sure you're getting the proper charge into these batteries so you don't cause any damage to the batteries.We'll begin our installation here by removing our old batteries.

Gone ahead and opened up the compartment where our batteries are located. Our customers installed some pretty massive aftermarket battery trays in preparation for the new batteries we're going to be putting in. What we need to take is old batteries out so we can get the new ones in. Our old batteries are in here. He's got two 12 volt batteries currently wired in parallel.

So we're going to go ahead and start removing those. We're going to go ahead and just disconnect this battery here. We'll take off our ground for using the. On this one it's a half inch socket, your batteries, maybe different. So We'll remove the nut.

We'll remove our cable. We're going to remove the ground from our other battery now, and then we can disconnect our positives now. Now that we've got those all disconnected, we can go ahead and remove the batteries and it's pretty straightforward. We just lift them out of there.Now with these ones, these are going to come out pretty easily. In fact since they're so much smaller, our new batteries that we're going to be putting in, I do highly recommend getting yourself an extra set of hands because they are going to be much heavier. So I'm just going to pull both of these out and get them set aside. And then we'll bring over our new batteries to put inside of our trailer. We're going to lift our battery up. We're going to set it into the compartment and we do have an extra inaudible 00:03:58 hands because this is a heavy boy. Now that we've got it rested on there, we can both easily take our handles and we're going to kind of slide it over and lower it down to our box.And now we can go ahead and start hooking our batteries up. We're going to start by hooking them in parallel. So we're going to grab our positive cable that we had. We're going to slide it on our positive post here. We'll then use the hardware that comes included with our batteries, which is going to be a flat washer, lock washer and a nut. Now we'll run this over to the, positive on our other battery except this time we're going to leave the nut in the washers off for just a second because we do still have to hook this up to our trailer. So we'll go ahead and grab our negative now and start hooking those together.We got our black wire. We're going to slide it on the negative. We'll then run this over to the negative on the other battery and then we can start hooking up our trailer back to our batteries. We'll slide our positive onto our positive post there. Now we can go ahead and follow that up with lock washer and nut. If you had any accessories that you would need to hook up to your batteries, you do that now. This was the only wire for our trailer. There's no other accessories.We're going to then then grab our ground wire, slide it on, then we'll attach there and now we just need to tighten them all down. And the hardware that comes included with your kit is going to use a nine-16 socket. Now we can quickly test that out right here by operating our landing gear. It's run off of our batteries. So if this works, we should be good. And it looks like it's working properly. So our batteries are now installed at this point. It's just reinstalling our battery cover. And that completes our installation of Bright Way Group's 12 volt AGM battery on our 2000 Starcraft Homestead.

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