Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2005 GMC Sierra

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2005 GMC Sierra

Today, on a 2005 GMC Sierra, were going to be installing Hopkins Flex-Mount brake control, part number hm47297. In conjunction with Hopkins direct fit brake control adapter which is part number hm47795.To begin our install, were going to mount the Flex-Mount display unit here in the center console. First, well remove the center console trays and route the wire up through the pre-drilled hole in there. Well follow the 12-volt power supply back down through the console. Then, well zip tie the wire to the 12-volt power supply wires to secure it in place, cut off the excess from the zip-tie and re-install the panel.Then, well secure the Flex display in place using double sided tape. Now, to install the Flex control system were going to mount it on the side of the center console, that way its easy to access all of the different controls as well as the manual override.

Before we tape it in place, were going to route the wire back behind the paneling and then to secure the flex control, just use double sided tape which is provided. To mount the smart box, were going to follow the manufactures instructions which say to mount it to the side of the center console and were going to use double stick tape here. Then, were going to connect the flex display and the flex control to the smart box. As you can see the connectors are two different sizes, then just plug them into the back of the smart box.Now, were going to connect the plug-in simple adaptor in the vehicles junction box. The first thing we have to do is remove the plastic nut and then pull the junction box cover off and before we plug the harness in, were going to have to connect the red wire.

On this particular adaptor the red wire does not come connected, its going to depend on your vehicle year as to where it connects.Using a test light, weve already determined that it will be in the top right for our application. Our harness is going to install in the top row, the port that is second from the left. Then, were going to put the cover to the junction box back in place and screw on the plastic nut. Then, you want to zip tie the harness in place here and were just going to follow the manufactures wiring, securing as you go. Tuck in the wires and clip all of the zip ties.

Then, well make the connection with the smart box. That completes installation of our Hopkins Flex-Mount brake control part number hm47297 and the Hopkins plug-in adaptor part number hm47795 on our 2005 GMC Sierra.

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