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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 1999 Toyota Tacoma

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 1999 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 1999 Toyota Tacoma were going to install part number TK90160. This is the Primus IQ brake controller. To help install this were going to use part number ETBC7. Well start from the back of the truck and work our way forward. Well start off by mounting the ETBC7 bracket to an existing bracket on the vehicle. Well take our gray wire and connect it up to our seven to four pole adapter.

Now with our wire harness assembled we can go ahead and install into the bracket. Well use the four provided nuts and bolts to hold everything together. Then well go ahead and start running our gray wire to the front just a little bit to help hold it out of the way. Then well go ahead and take our four pole connector and a little bit of dielectric grease to help protect the contacts and well plug into the existing four pole. Then well go ahead and seal it up with some electric tape.

Well go ahead and ground our white wire, the ring terminal, to the frame. To install the ground well be using number 14 size screw to do this with. Now when we run out gray cable up to the side of the vehicle you want to make sure you stay away from anything thats moving like suspension or steering components or anything hot like the exhaust. Then well continue on running it up to the front of the vehicle, up towards the battery. Now well go ahead and find a location for our circuit breakers.

Well mount them on a far wall located about right here. Well use the included self-tapping screws to attach it. Well attach a 20 amp circuit breaker for our brake controller. Well install a 40 amp circuit breaker for our 12 volt supply going out to the back. With our circuit breakers mounted to the fire wall well go ahead and cut our wire links going to the positive terminal of the battery.

Well go ahead and pull it back out and well cut the sheath away. Well go ahead and take our black wire, run it through the 40 amp circuit breaker and up to the battery. Now we use a couple of ring terminals to connect our black wire to the 40 amp circuit breaker and also to our positive post on our battery. Now well leave our actual connected to the battery as one of the last things we do. Now well go ahead and take our white wire and run it through the grommet located on the firewall here. Well go ahead and run it to the inside and pull out the slack. Next well take our remaining gray wire that we cut off earlier from the battery and well run that through the same grommet to the inside and pull it to the same length. Well leave it alone inside the vehicle for now and go back outside underneath the engine compartment. With our black wire well go ahead and attach it to the 20 amp circuit breaker. Well use the small ring terminals to do that with and the white wire will go directly to ground. When we hook up our wires on both circuit breakers make sure that the wires coming from your battery go to the copper post and then the silver post goes out to the brake controller or 12 volt power supply out back. Now well go underneath the dahs and well go ahead and start hooking up the wires for the brake controller. Well take the harness and attach it to our gray cable which will be color for color, black to black, white to white. Our alone white wire will be connected to the blue wire coming off the brake controller harness and the red wire will be connected to our brake switch signal underneath the dash. Now the wire well be hooking up to will be a purple wire. With the wire connections made underneath the dash well go ahead and mount our bracket for the brake controller. Well put it in location right here and well use two sheet metal screws to attach it to the dash. Well go head and take our wire harness itll plug into the back of our brake controller then snap the brake controller into the bracket. Itll take a few moments to go ahead and zip tie our wires to keep them safe and out of the way. Now we can go back up underneath the hood and connect our two black wires to the positive post on the battery. Then well go ahead and take our white wire and runt hat to the ground using factory ground located alongside the battery. Now weve got power applied to the brake controller lets go check. Looks like we have two down at the bottom of the display so that shows we have power. Well hit the manual override and see that it has a no connection sign. Then well go ahead and apply a trailer tot eh seven pole and as you can see we have numbers show up and also a C that lets us know were connected. Thatll finish it for our install of part number TK90160 from Tekonsha and also part number ETBC7 on our 1999 Toyota Tacoma.

Greg Y.


How long do you think it should take to install the ETBC7 on something like a 1996 Land Cruiser that already has the factory 4 wire trailer wiring?I ped the parts of last week at the dealer and on Friday they said it was an involved process and was taking time. I would think it should be something they could do properly in about 2 to 3 hours. Judging by the video for this and the 2009 Toyota, it seems like it should be up to 2 hours. The installation videos for this look very straight forward. Not very complicated at all, just a little time consuming i.e. not a 30 minute job. ThanksGreg

Patrick B.


It could take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how detailed they get with running the wires from the rear to the front. Even they run into all the hiccups, it shouldn't take more than a day.

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