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Blue Ox Tow Bar Installation - 2012 Jeep Liberty

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How to Install the Blue Ox Tow Bar on a 2012 Jeep Liberty

Today on our 2012 Jeep Liberty, we're going to be installing the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar with a motor home mount. Part number Bx7365. Here's what our Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar looks like installed on our vehicle. We'll go ahead and head out on to the road and show you how it works. Now, before we begin hooking up our new tow bar, we need to take a couple measurements. We're going to measure here from the center of the base plate.

So we got our measurement there. Then we'll measure to the center of the receiver there. We have our measurement here. Now, you're allowed a maximum of 3 inches higher or lower than even between this point and this point. In our case, we're about 2 inches different. We're about 2 inches higher on the motor home than we are on the towed vehicle.

So we're good to go. Next we're ready to go ahead and install the tow bar in to the 2 inch receiver here on the back of our motor home. Go ahead and line up the hole. The hole and the receiver. Go ahead and put the pin and clip in securing it to the receiver.

Next we'll go ahead and fold the arms down. You'll notice there is an up arrow marked on each side so you know and it will go like this. We'll need to go ahead and pull the pin and clip out of each of the end of the arms. Go ahead and line up the arm. Slide the pin back through. We'll then put the locking pin through.

We want to make sure it's fully locked into position. We'll then go ahead and repeat the same process over on the other arm. Next we'll go ahead and take our safety cables. We'll need to hook the safety cable loop here on our base plate. It has this little rubber piece here that slides back up into position to make sure it stays on. We'll then stretch our cable out crossing over so we go to the passenger side of the tow vehicle. We'll then go ahead and repeat the same process for the other cable. You will notice a couple other things here now that we have our tow bar set up. First you want to make sure you have your vehicle as for the manufacturers instructions in the recreational towing mode so that it can be flat towed behind your RV or motor home. You'll also notice we have no wiring running up for the light functions on the towed vehicle as in this case we're using a wireless design. It just plugs into the 7 way and has some magnetic lights that are on the back of this particular jeep. The part number for the lights we're using today is part number NV-5164. This particular vehicle does not have a breaking system installed on it so there is no breakaway switch. It's a good idea when you first start out that you do a few S turns to make sure the arms fully extend and lock into position on each side of the tow bar. Before we hit the road, I just want to go over a couple quick things for how you disconnect. When you start towing, this arm here will pull out and lock into position so it can't go back in. When you're ready to disconnect your tow bar you want to make sure the vehicle has been taken out of the neutral or it at least has the parking brake set, then you push down on the lever on both sides to release the tension on the arm. That will allow you to disconnect it from your base plate. Now that we're all hooked up and ready to go. That will complete our installation of the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar with a motor home mount, part number Bx7365 as installed on our 2012 Jeep Liberty. .

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