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Blue Ox Base Plate Kit Installation - 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit on a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Today on our 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited we'll be installing the Blue Ox face plate kit with removable arms, part number BX1126. To begin our install, we'll first need to remove the belly pan or rock guard. To remove it, there are a total of six push pin fasteners, four across the front and two on the back underneath the rock guard. To remove the push pin fasteners, we'll pry out on the center of the fastener, and then remove it completely. Now, once we remove the fasteners, we'll go ahead and pull the rock guard down, and set it aside for installation later. Next, we'll go behind the bumper and disconnect the manufacturer's wiring to the fog lights. To remove the wiring connector from the fog light socket, we'll press on the locking tab, and then remove the connector. Next, we'll need to remove the front bumper, and to do there are a total of eight fasteners, four on each side. We'll go ahead and start removing these fasteners now.After removing the set of fasteners, there's a reinforcement plate that gets secured between the nut and the end of the frame.

We'll go ahead and remove the reinforcement plate, and hang onto it as we will be reinstalling it.Now, with all the fasteners removed, we're ready to remove the bumper. We'll gently pull it away from its position, being careful not to go too far, as we'll need to release the manufacturer's wiring that runs on the inside edge of the bumper. Once we have it out, we'll go ahead and use our trim panel tool, our flat blade screwdriver to remove the push pin fasteners that secures the wiring on the inside of the bumper. Once we do that, we'll go ahead and take the bumper off, and set it aside. Next, we're ready to put our base plate in position. We'll be lining up the lower attachment point with the pre-drilled hole on the side of the frame.

It can be a tight fit, so we'll go ahead and use the rubber mallet to help tap the base plate in position. Once we have it lined up, we'll go ahead and take the five eighths bolt and five eights split lock washer, put it through the base plate into the frame, where we'll secure it with a five eighths handle nut on the inside. Note as per the instructions, we recommend you use Red Loctite, part number LT37420. Once we get one side done, we'll move over to the opposite side, repeating the same process. Now, we'll go ahead and make sure it's level, and then go ahead and tighten down the five eighths hardware. This will help hold the base plate in position while we use the base plate as a template to drill out the top two attachment points for each side. Starting with the pilot bit, we'll go ahead and drill out the center of each attachment point.

Now, we'll enlarge our bit size to our final size as per the instructions. Now, once we have the attachment points drilled out, we'll go ahead and take the spacer block that will get sandwiched in between the base plate and the frame, and put it in position. It may be necessary to pry out slightly on the base plate to get it in place or close to position. Then you can take a screwdriver or alignment bar and line up the spacer block with the base plate and pre-drilled hole in the frame. Once you have it lined up, we'll go ahead and secure it with the half inch bolt and split lock washer and half inch handle nut. Now, with all our fasteners installed finger tight, we'll go ahead and run them done. Then we'll torque to specifications as indicated in the instructions. Now that our base plate is installed and secured and torqued to specifications, we can go ahead and remove the excess from the handle nut.

To do that, we can simply bend them until they break, or use a pair of tin snips to cut off the excess. Once you've completed removing the excess from the handle nut, we'll then go ahead and take the safety cables that will go around the frame, rear of the body mount, and then back down to the base plate, using the quick connect to attach the cable to the attachment point here at the back of the base plate. Once we have both cables in places, we're now ready to start reinstalling the front bumper. Once you have the front bumper reinstalled, we're now ready to go ahead and reinstall the belly pan or rock guard. However, we'll need to make an adjustment to go around the base plate. We'll go ahead and put it up into position, and line it up with the attachment points. Then using a paint marker, we'll go ahead and mark out a section on each side to be trimmed. Once we have that trimmed out, we'll go ahead and put our rock guard in position, and make any additional adjustments necessary. Once we have made all our adjustments, we'll go ahead and put the rock guard in place, and resecure it with the push pin fasteners. Now, with everything reinstalled, let's go ahead and show you how to use the new removable arms for your base plate. To install the removable arm, we'll go ahead and put it into the tube, pushing it inward, and then twisting to lock it in place. Once the pin locks in position, the tab is secured. Then to take off the removable arm, we'll pull out on the ring to the locking tab, twist it, and pull out till it unlocks. After we take out the removable arm, we can then go ahead and put the base plate cup in position, and there you have it for the Blue Ox base plate kit with removable arms, part number BX1126 on our 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. .

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