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Bestop TrekStep Side Mounted Truck Step Installation - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

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How to Install the Bestop TrekStep Side Mounted Truck Step on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Hi there, truck owners. Today, our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 we're going to be taking a look at, and showing you how to install Bestop's Trekstep. This is a side mounted step, which makes it easy to get into things like your toolbox. Maybe if you've got any roof mounted accessories or over the cab ladder rack, you could easily get up here to get to those items. If you didn't have a toolbox in here, this also makes it an easy way to hop into the bed of your truck real quick, right out the driver's door. They also make steps just like this for the rear of the truck, which are more ideal for getting into the bed of your truck.

The step has a nice large step pad on it. You can see my shoe on it here, and this is a size 13. So it pretty much covers the entire width of it.So it's nice, good, large area. So if you've got larger feet, you don't have to worry about missing the step or slipping off. It has a textured grit surface on it with some grooves in it that allows dirt, debris to sit down in between the grooves and allows your shoe to get traction onto the raised sections there.

So it's got a nice, non-slick surface to it. So you don't have to worry about those wet rainy days hopping up on here and slipping off. It's going to give you good traction. The step also is retractable. So you don't have to worry about it sticking out like this all the time.It does tuck up nice and neat.

And it's easy to move. You can do it with just your foot. You don't even need to bend over. And this step has a 400 pound carrying capacity. So you can be sure that it's going to withstand whatever you get on it.

I'm almost 200 pounds and you can see here, I'm bouncing up and down on it. It's pretty strong. It surprised me there with how such a small step that it actually is, that it has this much support to it.Another cool thing about this kit is that it does come with all the components you need to get it installed on either side. So we've got one installed here on the driver's side, so we can easily get into the toolbox on this side. And here we can see we've got that identical one over here on the passenger side, easily gives us our toolbox is excess that we need on this truck. We'll begin our installation on the driver's side of the vehicle, just behind the cab. We want the support rib for our bed that's closest to the cab. We're going to head up right here. You can see our support rib is here. This is where we're going to be putting our bracket.We're going to remove the large bolt here, where the bed attaches to the frame. We're going to use an 18 millimeter socket to do so. You'll want to save this bolt because we are going to be reinstalling it. And then you may or may not have a bolt here towards the outside. If you do have a bolt there, we're going to remove it. And we are going to be reusing this one as well. Now we'll remove this one with a 13 millimeter socket. On the driver's side only, we're going to have this small tab here and we're going to be cutting this off.We'll now take our step bracket and we're going to install it. The angled gussets here towards the top is going to face towards the front of the vehicle. And the gussets with the little L shape here is going to face towards the back. This is just going to re-install and you'll install this by just re-installing the factory hardware that we had just removed, making sure to clamp this bracket in between that factory hardware. Now there's many different configurations for this truck, depending upon bed length and the carrying capacity of the truck. So you want to refer to your instructions as the locations of these bolts that we just pointed out They may or may not be present, and you may use different hardware. There's a lot of different brackets that come in this kit due to the various configurations your truck can come in.Now we're going to take our bracket here. This is going to clamp in between the bracket we just installed and the step. We'll need to put a little stop bolt in there. You'll have two nuts that come in your kit that are nylon locking nuts. We're going to start by placing one of them on the bolt, and then we're going to tighten it on there just enough to where our threads can pass through the bracket here. And this is easiest done if you've got some power tools, because it is a nylon locking nut. So it can be difficult to hold it while you tighten it. So we'll use a 5/8 wrench to hold the bolt. Then we'll take a 17 millimeter socket and tighten down the nut. And we only want this to be tight to where our bolt can pass through. So we're just going to keep on going a little bit more.And now we can get our nut started on there, just like that. We've got this piece prepared now. Next we'll have these two pieces. And in your instructions, it's going to have you prepare it in a way to where it's like this, but having put it on the truck, this is way too long. So don't even bother putting these together yet. We're just going to grab one for now. We're going to put it on because the other one we're going to have to bend into the appropriate shape to make it work with our truck.We're now going to take two more of those same length bolts we just used. Place split washers on them. See I got a lock washer. We can then drop down the bolts. We're going to drop it through the one closest first. And then the one here, this is going to get another one, but this is also going to get the bracket that we're going to put on. And it's going to want to fall out of there, so I found it easier to just start with that first one. And then you're going to take the bracket that we had prepared here. This is going to butt up against the frame just like that. And then slide it on. We can then grab our step, making sure that the folding portion is going to go like this. Line the step up with the bolt and then thread the bolt right into the top of the step.Okay. Now that we've got that one started in the step, we can take the bracket like we talked about here. We're going to drop the bolt down through the bracket. Then we can drop this down and thread it through both this bracket here into our step.So now that you've got both of those nuts loosely installed, just let the hardware hang out there for now because we're going to need to line it up. Next, we're going to work on our mounting spot and it's going to be on the other side for this bracket to attach to. We're going to be using the clamp that comes in our kit for this particular truck, because none of the other mounting locations are going to work. So we're going to just take the threaded rod that comes in our kit and thread it right in. We don't want it to pass all the way through just yet. You can see it's passing through now. We'll come back just a little bit because we need to slide this over one of the brackets it's on our truck located right here. So all we're doing is just going rearward on our truck bed until we hit the next support beam here.And then this portion here where it comes down That's where we're going to slide our clamp on. And then we're just going to turn this until it holds it in place there. Now we're going to take the other bracket that we had. That's similar to this one. We're going to slide the angle to end here over that stud that we just tighten down, and we're going to loosely thread on a nylon locking nut. This is going to be one of the smaller nylon locking nuts that comes in your kit. Now we've got that loosely installed. We're going to take this bracket and this bracket. We're going to bring them together.And you're going to just try to line up any holes. Any holes that you possibly can and then attach the two together. So it looks like we've got holes up here that are lining up. So, and this is the smaller, shorter bolt that comes in your kit, we're going to drop it down through the hole. And then we're going to loosely thread on a nylon locking nut. This is one of the smaller ones, just like we used up there. And then we need two holes to line up, so make sure that you got another one somewhere. Looks like here towards the opposite side, we've got one. So we're going to drop it down there. And we're going to loosely thread on our bolt onto there.Now we've got all of our hardware loosely installed, we can go back and start to tighten it all up. We'll now use our 5/8 socket to tighten down the bolts that are attaching our step. Then we're going to use a 13 millimeter socket and wrench to tighten down the bolts that are attaching our two brackets together.Now if you remember the bolt that we installed previously with the nylon locking nuts, this bolt's job is to press up against the frame. And ours is already adjusted to where it's hitting the frame. If you follow along with us where you had barely installed the nuts, there's a good chance it probably already is. But if it's not, you'll want to adjust the bolt to where it touches the frame. And then we're going to tighten the locking nuts together here so that way it holds it in place so it won't come out of adjustment.Now that we've got that snugged down up against the frame, we can start putting our step on. The bottom of our step has slotted brackets that our hardware is going to attach to. There's two threaded holes in each of those. Those are going to line up with the holes here in our step that comes out. There'll be four holes there on top. And they slide in here like this so you can choose the positioning of your step, forward or backward, as you like. So we're going to keep ours probably closer towards the back. So we're going to get this lined up here. We're going to go ahead and get a bolt started in there. So we're just going to slide one up through there. We can then line this up and then start it into the step. We'll be using a number five Allen key to tighten these into our step.And what I like to do is I like to get one started on each of the sliding brackets. Just make things a little bit easier. So you can get one started in each while it's loose, and that'll help ensure that those remaining ones, the remaining two that you're going to put on, will line up with a threaded hole. I'm just coming around the back side. It's a little easier to see on the backside where the hole is so you can get them started. And now we got them all started. We can go back and tighten them down.One of the things that I like to do is push the step up like this. Because one, we can get an idea of how close it sits. If it sits too close for your liking, there are spacer plates that you can put in place. Those are going to go between the step and the bracket that has the bolt that tightens up against the frame there. So if you do want more clearance, you can add those in. And then we can also make our adjustment here. And I'm just going to make it the same as I put it on the other side. I line the front part of the step up with the back of the small plastic trim here. And that way I know it's going to be even on both sides. Since our customer is using this to get up into the back of the truck, I wanted it offset towards the bed.Now that you've got your step attached, just check the operation moves in and out nice and smoothly. If you purchase the second step for your passenger side, the installation, again, it's going to be exactly the same. You're just not going to have that little pin that you need to cut off. Now that we've got it all installed, you're ready to hop into the back of your truck and get any other work that you need done done. And that completes our installation of Bestop's Trekstep on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500.

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