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Bestop RoughRider Jeep Spare Tire Organizer Installation

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How to Install the Bestop RoughRider Jeep Spare Tire Organizer

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at the Bestop RoughRider spare tire organizer. You're already taking up space behind your Jeep with your big spare tire, so why not take advantage of that spot and use this cargo organizer right here just to create more cargo space and more cargo carrying options for your Jeep. Now, depending on your spare tire, you're gonna wanna get the organizer that matches this size. So, what we have here is the organizer for tire sizes 30 to 33.

But you also have other options like 34 to 37 or 38 to 40. Please check out our product pages here at etrailer just to make sure you get the right organizer for the right tire. The cargo organizer utilizes a mix in our variety of straps, buckles, and slides in order to install all the bags, as well as our base covering. The process itself looks like it might be confusing but it's actually very simple, so I'll lead you through it. So, for the install process, the first thing you need to do is to set up your cargo bags.

So, when you open up your cargo bags, you're gonna find that there's gonna be two boards on the inside. So, you're gonna use these to reinforce your cargo bag so they're gonna go right in there underneath the netting. Now, make sure to get them lined up properly. If you've noticed, there's gonna be an angle right over there, as well as a hook and loop patch. So, that's gonna go in to that bag.

So, slide that through and then make sure it is secured on the inside and that the hook and loop patches match up. Do the same on the other side and on both bags. So, once these bags are ready, you can then set up your spare tire organizer. So, this is the tire wrap. This is gonna be the largest piece.

And we're gonna first set it up so it's facing the right way. So, this part with the hook and loop patches, as well as the two slides, those are gonna go in the front. Now, what I found was the easiest way to do this was to just open up your door. That way, you have more space to work with. Drape the tire wrap over your tire. Again, having it facing the right way. And then, you're gonna tie it down or secure it with these buckles in the back. So, these buckles or this strap is gonna go over or in front of that tire mount. So, make sure it's between your tire and the tire mount, not behind it. And then, it's gonna hook to the buckle on the other side. Then, you're gonna take this other strap. And this goes around underneath your tire, and then hooks to the end as well. For our side bag, what we actually might need to do, depending on where your tire is, if you don't have enough clearance to mainly lift this up to clear your door. So, just unbuckle the top, and then slide it through the slide right over there. So, just get it lined up and then slide. Once that's slid into place, don't forget to use these snaps that are gonna hold that slider secured, as well as these snaps underneath or on top of your bag, depending on which one it is. Do the exact same thing on all of the other bags. Also, make sure your all your snaps are secured, then you're ready to go. And that was the look here at our Bestop RoughRider spare tire organizer..

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