BedRug Truck Bed Mat Installation - 2016 Ford F-150

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How to Install a BedRug Truck Bed Mat on a 2016 Ford F-150

Today on our 2016 Ford F-150, we're gonna be going over the Bed Rug Custom Truck Bed Mat. It's gonna be designed for your drop in bed liners. Any of you that have the trucks with the drop in bed liners you know that these bed liners they're like a hard plastic, and if you put anything on them they like to slide around. There's not really any grip on the surface of them. This is gonna eliminate that.This is going to be a 1/2" pad. It's constructed of a foam with like a carpeted material on the top, so it's really gonna absorb a lot of shock, that if you have anything valuable that may fall over in here.

It's really going to absorb that. It's a soft foam, so we're not going to have to worry about not only damaging the product that might fall over, but the bed of the truck itself.Another nice thing about this mat is it's not gonna hold water, so when we're washing it off with the power washer, or the hose, we don't have to worry about the water soaking it up, or the mat soaking the water up. We're not gonna have to leave it set out and dry for hours before we put it back in.Another nice thing about it is it's going to be resistant to oils, bleach, and battery acid, so you stack your battery in the back here, you're not gonna worry about that battery acid eating the product up, or eating the mat up.And as I mentioned before, this is a custom fit mat, so you're not going to do any cutting, or any modification, or anything like that. The one thing I will suggest is when you get it it's gonna be rolled up in a box, lay it out flat for a little bit. Let it flatten out because it will want to curl before you lay it in, or lay it in your bed like this and put a couple things in the corners.

Let the heat get to it a little bit, and it'll flatten out really nicely. But again, it's gonna be custom fit. It's gonna fit nicely with the edges of the vehicle. We're not gonna do any cutting, or modifications to it.When we get it it's gonna be rolled up in a box. I would take it, fold it inside out like this.

There, lay it in place like that. Take a couple blocks, set them on there like that, let the heat get to it, and then it'll flatten out.You're gonna have some little Christmas tree fasteners that look like this. What you're gonna need to do is with your mat just drill a small hole right through the bed liner, your drop in bed liner, in the truck. Make sure you don't go all the way through the bed. You just want to go through the bed liner.

You're gonna take this fastener, and you're just gonna push it down through your bed mat. It's gonna hold it in place on your plastic liner. That's what's gonna hold your mat down to this plastic liner to keep it from moving around.That'll do it for a look at the Bed Rug Custom Truck Bed Mat on our 2016 Ford F-150.

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