Thule TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack Base Rails Installation - 2017 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Thule TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack Base Rails on a 2017 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Ford F150, we're gonna be installing the base rails for the TracRac SR sliding truck bed ladder racks. These rails are gonna be great for people who wanna get the most out of their truck, so that way you can have the ultimate adjustability up top as well as below in your bed. These rails are gonna run the full length of your bed and have two separate sliding rails for maximum adjustability.If you jump inside the bed, you can loosen up your rails and they slide easily back and forth with just one person. As you can see here, you can adjust it for shorter sized loads up on top. With these sliding rails, we we're able to push our ladder rack all the way back easily, put on our 12 foot ladder, and now we're ready to go. This kit's gonna have everything you need to install it and it's gonna be a no-drill solution that'll go right down into your stake holes and hold it in place.Now, we've got all our components here laid out that we'll need to assemble and install one rail under the vehicle.

There is a passenger and driver side rail. To identify which rail is which, the three holes on one side with one on the opposite side is the tailgate side of the rail. The three holes will face inwards towards the bed. Here we have our passenger side rail. We'll begin by grabbing all the components we need to assemble one stake pocket.

We'll assemble each stake pocket individually. There's three per rail.If you refer to your instructions, it'll indicate which hole's the correct hole for your vehicles make and model. For our '17 F150, we're gonna be using this hole. We'll take our bolt and our nylon washer, slide it into place. We'll insert it into the hole.

The included tool makes it easy to hold. We'll take our wedge. We wanna place the thicker edge towards the outside of the vehicle. Since these three holes face toward the inside of the bed, we'll place it on like this. We'll then take our crushed rubber sleeve, slide it on, and our flat nut.

Thread it into place until it's hand tight. We don't wanna crush the sleeve just yet. Now we'll repeat this for the next two holes.Before we can put our assembled rail into place, we'll need to remove the stake hole pocket covers. We're now ready to set our rail onto our truck bed rails. Line up your stake holes with your stake hole mounts we just inserted. Then just press them into place. If it's a little bit tight you may need to loosen up the bolts that we inserted previously to allow it to maneuver into the holes. Now, the same process and holes will be used on your driver side rail. Now we need to make sure that our rails are parallel to one another. We'll do this by measuring the distance between the rear of the rails and in the front of the rails and making sure that they're even.Now we need to make sure we have an even plane and that they're level. You'll take a long straight edge, set it on top, and you wanna try to eliminate daylight between each of the top surfaces of each rail. Once there's no daylight, you know that it's even. As you can see, we've got a small gap right here. We'll just adjust our shim outward to help even that out. We just wanna move it until that gap's disappeared. It's acceptable to have a gap within a 16th of an inch. We'll then make the same adjustment at the rear of the rails. Now that we've got our planes even and parallel, we're gonna start at the front of the truck and tighten it down.Press down while tightening to help keep it in place. We'll repeat this process on the other side. After you've torqued in the front and rear, go ahead and torque down your middle brackets. To slide your ladder rack on, you simply need to remove your end screws and lift your ladder rack up into place. Align the feet with the rails and slide it forward. After you slid your ladder rack onto the rails, make sure you put your safety bolts back into place. This'll prevent your ladder rack from sliding off the back of your truck. For your last step, we just need to push in all the caps for the 28 holes that's in both of your rails. That completes our installation of the base rails for the TracRac SR sliding truck bed ladder rack on our 2017 Ford F150.

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