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Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring Kit Installation - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring Kit on a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on this 2013 Chevrolet Silverado, we're going to install part number RM-154 Roadmaster. This is our diode wiring kit. Start off our install, we're going to remove one 4-pole or the long piece of wiring that has two 4-poles on the end. We're going to start working that wire from the front of the truck towards the back of the truck. We'll go ahead and run a wiring through the opening, by the base plate, we'll have to run it up and through the engine compartment. Once we've pull up our inaudible 00:00:30, we'll leave some out on the front of the truck where we'll install our loom material to help protect the wires by the bumper.

Once we have that wire covered, we'll continue on with running a wire towards back the truck. Now, what we're going to do is follow the existing wire harness on the side of the frame and work away all the way towards the back to driver's side tail lights. While we're in at the vehicle, we'll also take a few moments to secure a wire. We're now going through the back of the truck on the driver's side, we'll go ahead and rear the tail light. We'll lower tailgate and remove tooth groove, and then we can go ahead and pop tail light loose.

At this point, we'll go ahead and pull the wires up and below up to the tail light. We'll set those aside from now. At this point, we can go ahead and start installing the diodes. We're going to work on our left turn signal first. Now on our truck, that's going to be a yellow wire.

It make things little easier to work with. We're actually going to add leads to our wire. First, we'll cut the yellow wire in half and install some leads. We'll need some extra bud connectors to accomplish this. Once the lead are installed, we'll go ahead and take the terminals off diode and put them onto the leads.

Now you want to know which wire goes where. A wire that is closest to the truck body will be our input, so that will go to one of the tabs labeled in, and then the other wire, going out to the tail light bulb is our output. Next, we'll take our 4-wire harness that we ran through the truck earlier and we'll split those wires up. For now, we'll only use yellow wire. That will be our left turn signal. We'll go ahead and add that to the diode as well. On the input, we'll have the input for a new wire harness, an input from the factory wire harness, and then I'll put an output to the tail light bulb. Next, we'll go ahead and repeat the same exact process for a running light wire and the running light circuit on our truck will be brown. Once again, we'll add leads and go ahead and install our diode. Now our 4-pole harness that we ran through the truck would do one little extra step. We'll take that wire harness and we cut it in half and we'll run it through our input on our diode. However, it's going to use a bigger terminal so we'll actually take the two wires, run them together, and then add the terminal. Those acts as junction running over to the other side eventually. We'll go ahead and take up a connection to help protect the wires a little bit more. After each diode is wired in, we'll go ahead and clean up a section of the tail light itself so we can attach it. Once both diodes are attached to the tail light, we can go ahead and re-install it. Now, we'll continue on for three wires, a white, a brown, and a green wire. We'll run those over to the passenger's side. We'll follow the factory wire harness going over the spare tire and over to the passenger tail light. Once again, we'll go ahead and unscrew the tail light and then go ahead and pop and loose the body. Now also, while inaudible 00:04:01 vehicle, we'll go ahead and take our white wire and run that to the frame. We'll shorten it up, add ring thermal to it, using a self-tapping screw, we'll go ahead and attach it to the frame. Now, back up to the tail light. We'll go ahead and start off the right turn signal. That'll be a dark green wire. We'll cut it in half and add our leads, and then, add our diode. The wire closest to the truck will going to be our input, and then closer to the tail light bulb will be our output. Then we'll take a green wire, cut to length, and attach to the diode. Tape up connections, we'll clean up the spot, and then, we'll go ahead and attach to the tail light. Now, on to our last diode where we'll repeat the same process one more time. This time we'll go back through our brown wire, that'll be a running light circuit on the truck. We'll split the wire and attach the diode. Now once everything is taped up and secured to the tail light, we can go ahead and re-install it. Now we can go ahead and apply some power to it. First off, we'll check the running light circuit. Now go ahead and try the left turn signal. Now we'll go ahead and try our right turn signal. Now also, our break signal will be both turn signals that are on at the same time. With that, that will finish it for our install of part number RM-154 on a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado.

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