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Base Plate Wiring Harness Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Equinox

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How to Install a Base Plate Wiring Harness on a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox

Today on this 2012 Chevrolet Equinox we're going to install part number 38955. now to install this wire harness we're going to work our way from the front and then to the back. We're going to take a few minutes to tape up our wires along with our ground wire and we'll attach it to the tow bars that we're previously installed on the vehicle. Then we'll start running our wires toward the back. We'll take the white wire with the ring terminal and ground it to the body. Now when we ground our white wire we'll use number 14 self-tapping screw that is not included with this kit.

We'll also take a moment to zip tie our wires to hold it in place while we get going. We'll start off by routing our wires through the sub frame assembly in the suspension. Now we're going to use a piece of air line tubing and this can be any heavy piece of wire that can hold a shape while being pushed through the larger tube. Then well continue on with our wire harness running toward the back of the vehicle. We'll make sure that we stay away from anything thats moving like the suspension components or anything hot like the exhaust.

We'll pull our wire through and continue on to the back towards the driver side tail light. To access our wires for our tail light we'll go ahead and remove the tail light. We'll pop off the caps and remove the two fasteners that hold the light in place. Then we can go ahead and remove the light. We'll also disconnect the wire harness from the tail light.

We're working on our drivers side right now and Ill do the same thing on the passenger side. With our light removed we'll go ahead and use our piece of air line again to pull our wire up from underneath and up to the tail light. Now we're going to pull up the wire with the yellow and brown colors. We'll go ahead and sit the wire aside and we'll start looking for what signals we need to use off the factory wiring harness. Now we're going to test our wires for the brake signal and there should be also the same thing as our turn signal.

We'll search that first and then we'll go ahead and add a diode to the wire. In order to splice in our diode we'll cut the wire in half, add two terminals and then add the diode in line with the two terminals. Now when we add our diode we'll notice that there are two tabs that are labeled in and one tab labeled out. The out tab always goes towards the tail light. Now an input side it does not matter which wire goes where. Now with our diode installed we can go ahead attach our third wire to it from our new harness and since this is our turn signal and brake we'll add our yellow wire to it. Let's go ahead and splice in our diode. Looks like our running light circuit is going to be brown on our factory wire harness. We can go ahead and hook up our remaining brown wire to the diode there. We'll also use a zip tie to help hold the wires in place. Now with all our connections made we can go ahead and reinstall the tail light. We'll go ahead and run our wire over to the passenger side with the green and brown wire. We're basically repeating the same process. Now when we look on our passenger side our turn signal will be green with white strip. We'll hook our green wire from the new wire harness to that wire. Now for our running light circuit it'll be brown wire again, so we'll go ahead and add our diode so it will be brown to brown. With our connections made we'll go ahead and reinstall the tail light assembly. With our harness installed all we need to do is go ahead and check it with the vehicle. That'll finish it for our install of part number 38955 from Hoppy, on our 2012 Chevrolet Equinox.

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