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Bargman 7-Way Connector Installation

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How to Install the Bargman 7-Way Connector

Today, on our utility trailer, we'll be installing the Bargman Trailer End 7-Way Connector, part number 54-77-003. We're going to need to remove the center section by taking out the small flat-head screw right here. Go ahead and back it out. We'll simply push the center section out, and you can see here there's a slot there and a larger slot there, and that larger slot will line up with this spot right here, so you know that you're putting it back in in the right position. We have our jacketed 7-wire here with our 7 wires coming out here. We'll need to go ahead and strip back a little bit on each of the 7 wires so we can connect it into the plug itself. We'll go ahead and take our wire strippers and strip back a little bit of wire from each of the 7 wires, and with that done, we can go ahead and loosen up the screws around the plug here so we can install the wires. Next, we'll go ahead and take our wires here.

We'll feed them through our plastic housing. Go ahead and slide it down some on the 7-way. I'll go over the color that I know our trailer is wired to already. Our yellow wire on our trailer is the left brake and turn. The green wire on our trailer is the right brake and turn.

The red wire is not used. The black wire is our auxiliary 12-volt power. The blue wire is our brake wire, what controls our electric brakes. The brown wire is our running light circuit, and the white wire is our ground. Some of our wiring may not match up with exactly what's written on the back side of this, but because this is a utility trailer, this is how the customer wanted it wired. We'll go ahead and start out by putting our ground wire in.

When you're looking at the back side of the plug with the larger opening on the bottom, the ground wire will be this plug right here, and it actually is marked white, so we'll go ahead and insert that one first. Next, we're going to go ahead, and on this side right next to the white on the other side of the opening, we're going to go ahead and connect the blue wire, which is the brake wire signal. Next to the ground wire, we'll go ahead and put our yellow wire, which is the left brake and turn. Next up from the yellow, we'll be putting the brown wire, which is the running light circuit. Now, in our case, we've got the red wire as a reverse lights, so we're going to put that in the center post here. We'll go ahead and slide the cover back into place, then go head and tighten down our little set screw here. Next, we'll go ahead and tighten down the two Phillips-head screws here, which will hold a clamp down that helps secure the wire and keep it from pulling out of the plug itself.

Go ahead and take a Phillips-head screwdriver and tighten them down. That's all there is to it to installing the Bargman Trailer End 7-Way Connector, part number 54-77-003, on our utility trailer. .



You did not show the 12 V auxiliary wire position or the right turn signal position You’re talking to a complete greenhorn here so I’m still a little bit confused

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


If you click the provided link, and scroll down the page a bit, you can see photos showing exactly how a Trailer side 7-way is wired. If you remove the shroud from the plug, exposing the wiring terminals with the raised tab on the side of the plug at the top, the wires would attach as follows. I'll refer to each terminal as if it were a number on the face of a clock. At the 1:00 position goes the 12-v power teed. At the 3:00 goes the right turn/stop, at the 5:00 goes the brake controller output feed, and 7:00 goes the ground, at 9:00 goes the left turn/stop and at 11:00 goes the tail/running lights.

David L.


I did enjoy the training video, I was trying to write everything down, but the man was talking to fast. I can only use one finger to type with.. I have enjoyed reading