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B and W Gooseneck Hitch Safety Chain Kit Installation - 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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How to Install the B and W Gooseneck Hitch Safety Chain Kit on a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the B&W gooseneck safety ball and chain kit here on a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 3,500. So here's everything that's gonna come in our kit here. For starters, we're gonna have a handy and carrying case so, this is a nice hard plastic case. So this is gonna help keep all of your contents inside here nice and organized and we can just keep this inside the vehicle so we know where everything is when we're ready to use it. Now, our main component here is our hitch ball. So the hitch ball has a 2 and 5/16 inch size so this is the diameter of the ball top.

And this is the most common and standard size of gooseneck hitch ball on the market. There are a couple other sizes but the vast majority or they're gonna use that 2 and 5/16. And you can see here our hitch ball has a nice zinc coating on there which is gonna do a great job of helping protect everything from rust and corrosion. You can see we've actually used this hitch ball a couple times so we do have some wear on the top of the ball but it's not too excessive at all, it's just a little bit on the top there, most everything else is in great condition. So moving on from the hitch ball we're gonna have our safety chain loops.

So these are nice and sturdy and durable. You can see, they also have that yellow zinc coating on there, which is again gonna help protect everything from rust and corrosion. And these are obviously what we hook our safety chains to to provide that secondary attachment. And then the last but not least we're gonna have a cover here, which is going to protect the gooseneck coupler or a gooseneck hitch on our truck here when we're not using it so we don't have to worry about any contaminants getting in there and messing up the mechanisms. So keep in mind, this kit here is specific for models that have the factory OEM prep package, now we'll show you what that looks like in a second but it's pretty easy to tell, you'll just look in your truck bed there and you're gonna be looking for the four outer pucks with these center gooseneck.

So as long as you have that, this kit is gonna work great. If not, you'll have to actually opt for a full underbed gooseneck hitch. Now, in regards to the capacity here it's gonna be 30,000 pounds of gross trailer weight. So that's gonna be the amount you can pull on your fully loaded trailer. And chances are that's pretty much gonna exceed what our truck is even capable of so you shouldn't ever have to worry about maxing out the actual hitch ball capacity.

So there are actually a couple different gooseneck pop in ball kits here for this particular truck. We carry some other ones and they're both great options. But if you ask me, I really like the B&W one best and that's due to the handle design. So you're gonna notice right away that the handle design on this B&W one is much more heavy duty. There's definitely a lot more metal to this than some of the other ones. A lot of those just have a little tab that you open up on the hitch ball. That can actually cause issues for certain accessories that you're gonna be using with your gooseneck hitch. And a lot of the times you get people where they'll leave these things in the truck bed and they get stuck. And that little tab on the top of the gooseneck hitch ball is really gonna be a nightmare if these things get stuck cause you don't really have a way to pull out. With this heavy duty handle here if there is some resistance and it does get stuck in there you're gonna have something nice and firm to grab onto to so you can pull it out. So now that we've gone over the kit a little bit, let's go ahead and show you how easy it is to install in your truck bed. So as we said, here's what the actual factory package looks like. So pretty easy to tell if look in your truck bed here. So we're gonna start by installing the gooseneck ball. And in order to do that, if you have these little covers they're pretty easy just to get out by hand. You may or may not wanna use a screwdriver to get them out as well, but we'll just pry them out. And then it's actually really simple. So right now our ball is in the unlocked position and in the unlocked position we can just easily drop it into place here. The orientation doesn't matter, we'll just drop it into the place in that gooseneck opening there, and then all we need to do is press this handle here and we can actually just rotate it down. You do have to do it one direction there, and then it's gonna hear it, you're gonna hear it click and then it's gonna lock into place. And this is gonna prevent your hit ball from being able to be pulled back out. So you can see there, it's very easy to install and remove due to this little locking mechanism. So you can see there it's the same process when you remove it, you just push that button, rotate the handle up and then pull straight out. And now for your safety chain loops keep in mind these wanna be installed in the two puck closest to the tailgate, but we're again just gonna go ahead and remove our covers here. And then there's a couple more steps for these here. Number one, you're gonna pull up on this little internal lever and you're actually gonna rotate this section over like so. This is gonna allow you to drop the peg into the puck and then you're just gonna let this fall down. Turn it to rotate and then it should just lock into place. And now you can see here by just pulling up it's not gonna come out and it is secure in the truck bed. So once we get one side done we'll just do that exact same thing over on the other side. So now we've got everything installed, set up everything is locked into position here. You could just give it another once over by pulling up on everything, but now we're ready to couple our trailer and head off down the road. But that's gonna do it today for our look and installation of the B&W pop in gooseneck ball and safety chain kit here on a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 3,500..

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