Agri-Cover SnowSport Snowplow Installation - 2005 Honda TRX

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How to Install an Agri-Cover SnowSport Snowplow on a 2005 Honda TRX

Today on its 2005 Honda ATV Ring con 650, we're going to install part number A40054-30560. This is the Agri-Cover snowsport all-terrain snowplow kit. First, we're going to do install with the plow mount for ATV. First, simple all we have to do is add this bracket to the mount, add the bolt and lock down on the other side. We'll tight it down but leaves not for you still moving around. We're going to go ahead and install this Honda ATV.

How this is going to install this going to mount to the cross number this is going to slide in the place on the Honda ATV and in this going to slide over the frame on the left hand side. And then, theres for catch for a top on your side of frame. There you'll put safety pin in place. Let's go ahead and start working on the Snowplow, what we're going to do is to prepare the rubber cutting edge. We have to drill couple holes in it to install this skid bracket and there are pre-marked from the factory.

Were going to drill this out on 5 to 16 feet. Install the 1/4" bolts, going to install the hardware at the backside. Two flat washers, two lock washers and two knots. Just kind of snug them down, not really tight, long them sit into the rubber here, next tight on the other side, we're good to go. Let's go ahead on the other side.All right now, go ahead and install the rubber edge into the aluminum part of the blade.

We're going to go ahead and place the slide hinge to two holes on the bottom match up with two marked holes. Now, on a top with sliding two knots into a truck, one quick note when you install the knots into the truck here make the slot side is pointing up. You can see how it's curved that would point down. Slide this on the place, we'll take the 3/8" bolts and flat washers and install. We'll skip the starter for now, realign with our marks and well go ahead and tighten those down.

Now, what we're going to do is drill out here, a little bit here, almost all the way through on the rubber part, not all the way through to the other side. Take your self-trained bolts, we're going to go ahead and run them in while I work away from the inside out.Now, we go to the end of the blade and theres another mark where to install another self-tapping bolt. Were one half done, we'll repeat the same process working way out on the other side. Were going to take this part which is called the angle interceptor. Install into the hitch and put the safety pin in the place. To keep your thing from moving around, while installing the rest of the plow, put the pin into place. At this point we install the push frame you got a choice of mounting points which stay kind of in the straight line with the push bar in this case so you have to tell to your specific ATV.All right well go ahead and tighten them down. Right now, you go ahead and install the plow. Now, we're transporting the plow not using it, it will stay right there. And you secure it, use the pins and the key on them. So, cant bounce out keep it that way until you're ready to use the plow. Now, when youre ready to use the plow, take the pins back out and do when at a time, pull it up and over and then the flow back down. Reinstall it to, like in the pin in the lower position for you since tougher snow conditions or leveling sand, pea, rock, etc. Using the hold down pins is not recommended on grass. Let's go ahead and put the blade back in the toward position. Well show you how you can angle it. Pull the pin out in the middle, rotate it and put it back into place. Okay with that, that will finish it for our install part number A40054-30560 from Agri-Cover.Filename: Page 1 of 1Order #: 144539532 .

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