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Aries AeroTread Running Boards Installation - 2018 Toyota 4Runner

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How to Install the Aries AeroTread Running Boards on a 2018 Toyota 4Runner

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Toyota 4-Runner, you're going to be taking a look at and I'm going to show you how to install the Aries AeroTread Running Boards.This is what our running boards look like when they're installed. You're going to get two running boards. They're going to be 70 inches long and give you a five inch wide step. The inside frame is going to be made out of a rust-proof aluminum and the outside's going to be made out of a carbine black stainless steel so it's going to resist any rust or corrosion.The step pad itself is going to be made out of a durable hardened non-skid plastic. It's going to have a tread like pattern to give you adequate traction when getting in and out of the vehicle. We're going to have rounded edges to maintain that streamline look and have a 500 pound max weight capacity.First thing we want to do is, you want to get your ...

Back your vehicle, back or the front, either one, up off the ground just a little bit. It's going to make it a little bit easier to work under there. If you don't have ramps, it's not necessary but it will make it a little easier. If you don't have ramps, you want to pick some up, you can find some on our website.Once you get your vehicle up on the ramps, you want to make sure you set your emergency brake and then chock your front wheels. Next thing we're going to do, we're going to start on the passenger side.

You're going to have four brackets that look like this. You're going to have two brackets that look like this. The two brackets that are like this, are for the front of the vehicle on the driver and passenger side. The four brackets that look like this, are going to be for the center in the back on both sides of the vehicle. What we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and lay these where they're going to be installed.

Lay them like this underneath there. Then what you need to do is we're going to get underneath the vehicle. You want to check to see if you have factory hardware. If you don't have factory hardware on the vehicle, your kit's going to come with some hardware. That's what you're going to use.If your vehicle has factory hardware, you're just going to remove the hardware, put your bracket in place, and reinstall that hardware.

This is the hardware I was talking about. Again, you're going to have two here in the back, two in the center, and two in the front. We'll take a 12 millimeter socket, we'll go ahead and remove those. We'll take our bracket and with two small holes, the enclosed holes here, and we're going to go up underneath with our bracket like that.Now we can reinstall our hardware. We're not going to fully tighten this down right now. Now we're going to install our center one, the same way. We'll take inaudible 00:02:42 front bracket and you want to slide them underneath those brackets there. We've already removed the hardware. Reinsert your hardware if you have existing hardware there. If not, this is where you would put in the hardware that comes with your kit.Now we want to take our running board. You're going to flip it over upside down. You're going to have six bolts with nuts, washers and block washers on it. We're going to remove the nuts, block washers, and flat washers. We're going to have two, three pins 00:03:27. Two for the center. What we want is we want this rubber section up against the vehicle. There we're going to set it into place like this. What we're going to do is get back under there, inaudible 00:03:46 our hardware and get it set into our brackets. What we'll do is we'll take it and we'll push it like that. Then we'll put our hardware back on. Now we can reinstall our hardware, flat washer first and then the block washer, and then the nut.You can see there's plenty of room here on these bolts so you may not need to take these all the way off. The instructions tell you to take them all the way off but you can see we have plenty of room. If you can get them on without having to take off the nut, block washer, flat washer, by all means, try it that way. You're just going to repeat this for the other two brackets. Before we tighten anything up, what we're going to do is we want to center our ends between our wheel wells, or center the board between our wheel wells. You take a guesstimate here, distance from this edge to the edge of our wheel well there. We'll do it again back here. Once you have it adjusted where you want, it'll go back in. Then we're going to tighten up the hardware and we're going to start with the hardware that's holding the bracket to the vehicle. Now I'm going to push these all the way back in. We'll go ahead and tighten up this hardware that's holding our running board down to our brackets.Then we'll repeat that for all remaining brackets and inaudible 00:05:32. Once you're done on this side, you're going to repeat the same process on the driver's side. That'll do it for a look at and installation on the Aries AeroTread Running Boards in black on our 2018 Toyota 4-Runner.

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