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AirBedz Rear Seat Air Mattress Review - 2014 Toyota Prius v

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Review of the AirBedz Rear Seat Air Mattress on a 2014 Toyota Prius v

Hey everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look at the AirBedz rear seat mattress for your mid-size trucks and SUVs right here on our 2014 Toyota Prius v. Your Prius v has a lot of cargo space but what if you wanna take this car camping, taking advantage of its climate control, or you need to take a quick nap during a long road trip, or maybe you have pets in the back What will help out with that is a rear seat air mattress. So in this video, I'll talk about how this rear seat air mattress is used and how well it fits in our Prius v. You can get this in different colors. I have the tan version here but you can also get this in blue.

Since this is an inflatable air mattress, it really does depend on the seats you have and it will adjust to it. But the length or maximum length is gonna be 55 inches long. And then for the width, it can range from 33 to 31 inches for your width. Included with this mattress is your patch repair kit and an inflatable pillow as well as a 12 volt air pump. What makes this different from either rear seat air mattresses is the support beam.

This is designed to go between your front seats and your rear seat. And for that reason it's designed for only bench seat style rear seats. So for that support beam, that covers that foot well gap. For example, my seat sit 12 inches above the ground and you add that for a total of 17 3/4 inches for height of your mattress. This also has a flocked material on top.

So if you're just sleeping on the mattress itself, it has a very soft texture but that doesn't mean it's not durable. You have PVC construction underneath that flocked material. And that's what you will also see on the support beam. So this will help out with preventing punctures or tears but in case something happens, especially when you have pets walking around through here, you do have that repair kit included. The mattress weight capacity is 800 pounds, so be mindful that that doesn't just include yourself as you sleep on the mattress.

I find that lots of people like to put their luggage, your bags, your hiking packs on top of the mattress in the middle of the night. So just remember that with that 800 pound weight capacity. So to set up, first grab your bag with the mattress inside. And then what you're gonna do is you're gonna set up the middle part first inside your rear seat. So you're gonna have two valves. One is gonna be for your topper and the other is gonna be for the middle part, which is your support beam. So you're gonna wanna first inflate the middle part. This uses a 12 volt outlet. So go ahead, find the 12 volt outlet in your vehicle. Your cord length is gonna be about six feet long, so make sure you have enough distance from your outlet to your rear seat. So there's the bottom bladder valve and then there's the middle valve. So to inflate, I put that middle valve in. I use the appropriate adapter from the three adapters included with the pump. Pop that in and then just turn it on. So then we're gonna inflate the topper in the exact same way. It's super fast, in fact, I'll start a stopwatch just to show how fast it is. So that took a minute and 37 seconds to fill up completely. Now this will change depending on where you are, your elevation, things like that but still reasonably fast for a quick mattress. So don't forget to inflate the included pillow with your mattress and you can set it up with blankets, pillows, comforters, however you want to make yourself comfortable. But that's gonna be it for the setup of your mattress. And that was a look at the AirBedz rear seat mattress here in our 2014 Toyota Prius v..

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