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Airaid Jr Upgrade Kit for Factory Cold Air Intake Installation - 2016 Ram 2500

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How to Install the Airaid Jr Upgrade Kit for Factory Cold Air Intake on a 2016 Ram 2500

Today on our 2016 Ram 2500, we'll be installing the Airaid Jr. Upgrade Kit for Factory Cold Air Intake, part number AR301-786. The Airaid Jr. Air Intake system is a quick and easy install, which illuminates the restrictive parts of the factory air box system. It will help us gain fuel economy and help us gain a little bit more power. Not only will it help us increase fuel economy though, but it'll also save us money in the long run because we don't have to worry about replacing our factory air filter anymore.

When it's dirty we can just take out the new Airaid filter, clean it, let it dry, and put it back inside the box, and we're ready to hit the road again. Here's what our kit consists of. Most importantly we have our new filter here. This is a lifetime filter, which means you'll never have to worry about replacing it again. You'll just have to clean it, and put it back inside your air box. We have our new intake tube here.

This will help increase our air flow into our engine. We have a new coupler here to attach this to our factory air box. We have a sticker here to go on our coupler. We have a sticker here to put on top of the air box lid to indicate the vehicle is equipped with a lifetime filter, and not to discard it when you take your vehicle in for service. We have two clamps to make our connections. With our hood open, our intake is located off to the passenger side of the vehicle.

We're going to want to disconnect both of these sensors here. To do that, we'll push in on the lock tab on it, pull down. This other sensors got a red locking tab on it. You'll pull it back, sometimes you might use a little bit of a screwdriver to get in there and separate it. Once it snaps back, you have it unlocked.

You'll push in on the tab here and pull back. Now both of these harnesses are clipped on to our air box right here, so I'll use a trim panel tool and just separate it from the air box lid. Now we'll loosen our clamp that holds our air box lid to the factory intake tube. Use a flat head screwdriver for that. Now we'll remove our factory air box lid. We'll undo those screws too. Make sure we have all of our screws loose, which we do. Lift up on it, pull it out of the tabs, lift it off. We'll set it aside. Now we need to take off our factory elbow. We're not taking it off all the way down to the turbo. We're taking it off right down here next to the filter, so it's this clamp here, right above our factory oil filter. We'll get a small screwdriver in there and loosen this clamp. Now if you find it tight to get in there with a screwdriver, you can also use an 8mm socket on a ratchet because the clamp does have a hex head on it. Once we have it sufficiently loosened, you just grab our elbow, pull it off, and set it aside. Now we'll slide our new elbow in place on the factory turbo inlet, but we'll leave the clamp loose for the time being. Now I'll remove the factory air filter. You can see how dirty it is. We'll install our new air filter, and we'll drop this down in the box, just like that. Now we'll take our silicone elbow, one of our new clamps, slide it over making sure we have our clamp facing up, and we'll slide it on to the new elbow. Now you'll want to slide it all the way against this ridge so it sits flush against it. Slide a clamp on, but leave it all loose for right now. Take our second clamp, slide it over our elbow. Take the factory air box lid, and we'll slide it onto our coupler here, and slide it back into position over the bottom section of the box. With our air box lid, set it back on our air box appropriately. We can now tighten all three of our clamps. Then we'll do the one right behind it, making sure it's still sitting flush against the new elbow. With those two done, we can tighten down all our screws that hold our air box in place. We'll now tighten down our bottom clamp here. Now we'll plug our two sensors back in. Once they click, they're secure. This one will push in, it clicks, and we'll secure the lock by pushing down. We'll re-secure our wiring harness back to the hole by pushing the fastener into it. Now we'll take our Airaid emblem, peel off the backing, and we'll stick it right here in the spot for it. Push down, make sure it's nice and secure. Now we'll take our sticker here to indicate that this vehicle is equipped with a lifetime air filter, place it on top of the air box. That completes our installation of the Airaid Jr. Upgrade Kit for Factory Cold Air Intake, part number AR301-786 on our 2016 Ram 2500.

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