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Airaid CAD Cold Air Intake System Installation - 2007 Chevrolet Corvette

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How to Install the Airaid CAD Cold Air Intake System on a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette

Speaker 1: Today on this 2007 Chevrolet Corvette, we will be having a look at and showing you how to install the Airraid CAD Cold Air Intake System with a SynthaMax Dry Filter. Available with a black filter as part number AR252-218, a blue filter as part number AR253-218 and a red filter as part number AR251-218.Here's what our air intake system looks like installed. Now the reason you're going to want an air intake system such as this, is if you own a performance vehicle like this Corvette here, this will help you gain even more performance.This open cold air intake design will help draw in more colder, dense air into your engine helping improve horsepower, torque and performance. The air filter is a dry, washable filter, so you don't ever have to worry about replacing your air filter again. When it's dirty, you can simply wash it off, let it dry and put it back on and you're ready to get back on the road. It offers 99.6% filtration efficiency, so it will protect your engine while still increasing air flow.With this system installed, you may notice the increased power with your acceleration.

You might even notice some increased fuel economy. Now that we've gone over some features of our air intake system, we'll show you how to get it installed.All right, to begin our install, we'll start by disconnecting our negative battery cable. We'll need a 10 millimeter socket to loosen this nut, and we'll just set that to the side right there where it's not going to touch any metal. Now we have a breather hose that goes to our intake coupler. We need to disconnect this, there's a gray tab right here.

We slide that towards the engine, be able to pull back and disconnect it.Now we have three hose clamps that are on our intake coupler. We'll need to loosen all of these. I'll just use a flathead screwdriver for this. With our clamps loose, now we'll lift up on this plastic tube right here. This is the factory inlet.

Okay, we have that off now. With this off, we'll pull it out entirely and set it aside.Now we'll move our mass airflow center from our coupler. We may need to pry up on our coupler a little bit in order to get it off. And we have to slip back a little bit, we'll pull it out all the way and we'll set it aside.Now we'll remove our elbow off the throttle body, may need to pry again in order to help break the seal. Now we need to take out this barbed fitting where our hose was.

Now we'll take the new Airraid coupler and put our barbed fitting inside of it.Okay, with that installed, we're going to orient this the way it goes. The fitting will be on the side closest to our radiator furthest away from the engine. We'll take a 64 hose clamp and we'll place this on the side that goes towards the throttle body and a 60 will go on the other side closest to our fitting and the radiator.Now we need to remove the factory grommets from the factory intake. We'll just push them out. Okay, now this is our new Airraid intake too. Here are the grommets that we just removed from the factory one. This bowl side here will need to face down. So we'll come from the bottom and push it into the new tube. We'll do the same for the other side, all right.We've already loosely installed one of our air dams onto the side of our intake tube. So we'll flip it over and we'll do the other one. We'll place a washer on and we'll use one of our hex-head screws, uses a 3 30 second Allen key. I find it easier to already have the Allen key in place, so you hold the screw in so it doesn't fall out as you're installing it, so we'll just have it loosely started.Okay, now we'll take our coupler, slide it on to our tube, slide on of our 60 clamps. We'll work it onto the tube, may need to loosen it a little bit in order to do this. Once we have it over the tube, make sure it's squared as much as possible. We can tighten that clamp down. Take our second clamp now, slide it onto the coupler and we just need to have it on, we don't need to tighten this one.Now we'll take our new filter making sure our clamp is facing up and we'll stick in front of our radiator for right now. Now we'll take our new hose, slide it onto our throttle body, rotate it so that our breather hose lines up with the barbed fitting, reinstalled the breather hose just by pushing in place and we can tighten down the clamp to the throttle body.Now we'll take our mass airflow sensor. Want to make sure the arrow for airflow faces towards the engine and the screen faces away from the throttle body. We'll put that inside our coupler. Okay, now we'll tighten that clamp down. Now we'll take our air tube, slide it onto our filter and position it onto our throttle body and make sure the grommets go into the pin on the radiator shroud.Okay, now we'll take one of our clip nuts, this portion here that sticks out and that's the top. We'll slide a rubber washer over it. With that in place, we'll clip it to our fan shroud and our arm will sit over the hole on it, place another rubber washer on top followed by a metal flat washer and we'll use our Phillips head screw to screw it into the clip nut. This will keep our air dam secure to our fan shroud. Get it started by hand and we'll tighten it down. We did the same for the other side.Now we'll use our Allen key again to tighten down the air dam to the tube. Okay, now we'll hold our coupler tight to our mass airflow sensor and tighten down the clamp that secures it. Now we'll place on our weather seal making sure that the curve will go towards the front of the vehicle onto our air dam. It simply just pushes in place.Now we'll take our filter, slide it on to our air intake tube until it stops and we'll tighten down the clamp to secure it into place. This clamp was already pre-installed on the filter.Okay, now that we have everything in place and we've double checked all of our connections to make sure their tight and secure, make sure we put our negative battery cable back into place, and we'll tighten it down.That completes our look at and installation of the Airraid CAD Cold Air Intake System with a black filter, part number AR252-218 on this 2007 Chevrolet Corvette.

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