AIRAID CAD Air Intake System Installation - 2006 Chrysler 300C

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How to Install the Airaid CAD Air Intake System on a 2006 Chrysler 300C

Today is a 2006, Chrysler 300C. We're going to install part number Ar350-199 from AIRAID. To start off our install, we're going to go ahead and disconnect the negative cable from the battery located in the trunk. Next we need to loosen the hose clamp that holds the factory intake tube to the throttle body. Next, we'll go ahead and disconnect the breather hose from the factory air box lid. Then we'll go ahead and remove the lid to the air box. We'll pull both lock down tabs towards the front.

Then we can go ahead and remove the lid from the base. Next, we'll go ahead and lift the intake towards the front, and without disconnecting the wire harness that goes to it, we'll go ahead and remove the temperature sensor from the intake tube. Now this is a press-fit part, so it does take a little bit of force to pull it out. It may help to work it loose a little bit with a screwdriver, trying to pry it back and forth, and then pull it straight out. At this point, we can go ahead and remove the factory intake hose and lid assembly from the vehicle.

We'll also remove the factory air filter. Next, we need to remove a bolt that holds the factory air filter base to the radiator support. Then we can go ahead and remove the air filter base from the vehicle. Now, we do need to save that one bolt. We'll reuse it later. Next, we'll need to go ahead and assemble the cool-air dam.

We'll go ahead and line up the parts together and line up the holes, and then we'll install our hardware. We'll be using four, 5/16 inch screws, #6 flat washers, and their nuts. Next, we'll install the air filter adapter on the cool-air dam. We'll be using three, 1/4 inch button-head bolts and flat washers. They'll thread into existing fittings already in the filter adapter. Going back to the car, we need to install a well nut.

This is basically a nut inside a rubber case, which will expand when we tighten down the bolt. We'll just go ahead and leave it in the hole for now. Now, we'll go ahead and install the cool-air dam. We'll put it into place, and install the new bolt that goes into the well nut. Then we'll reinstall the original bolt by the radiator support. We'll go ahead and tighten those down. Now, we need to install one additional support. First off, we'll need to remove a 10 mm nut from the stud on the driver's side inner fender. Then taking the rear support bracket, we'll go ahead and bolt it to inner fender and then to the cool-air dam itself. We'll reuse the factory hardware on the fender well, and we're using three, 1/4 inch button-head screws, flat washers and nuts. At this point, we can install the clamps. Next, we'll install the urethane, hump hose onto the filter adapter. Next, we'll go ahead and work with the intake tube. First, we need to install the reducing coupler that will go onto the throttle body but go ahead and slip it onto the airtube. Sometimes, this might be easier without the hose clamps in place. Just make sure that before you install it you have the clamps in place and oriented the way you want them. Then on the other end of the intake tube, we'll install the hump hose. Once again, we'll work it onto the airtube and then loosely install the clamps. In some cases, it may be easier to just to leave the clamp completely loose, and unscrewed, until you put it in its final place. Now, we'll take our airtube assembly and go ahead and install it. First off, we'll slip it onto the air filter adapter on the cool-air dam. Then we'll take the other end and work it into place on the throttle body. Once we have it in place, and sitting the way we want it, we'll go ahead and tighten down all the clamps. Now, there's a hole in the airtube. We'll have to install a grommet. We'll go ahead and push it into place. Then we'll reinstall the air temperature sensor we removed at the beginning. At this point, we can go ahead and install the AIRAID filter. Now this is a really tight fit with the power-steering fluid reservoir right next to it. We found out we can actually move the tank out of the way just a little bit. There's a little clip we push, and we just slid it up. We pull it up and out of the way, and then work the filter into place. Then we go ahead and reinstall the fluid tank for the power steering. Then we can go ahead and install the weatherstrip on top of the cool-air dam. This should fit up right against the top of the hood. After our install, we noticed that had a little extra room, so we decided to try out if a throttle body spacer would work. We installed part number AR350-532, and it looks like it works just fine. It's a tight fit, but it does go in there. At this point, our install is complete. We just need to reconnect the negative battery terminal. Okay. We'll go ahead and try it out. That will finish it for our install of part number AR350-199 from AIRAID on our 2006, Chrysler 300C. .

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