Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs Installation - 2007 Dodge Dakota

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How to Install the Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs on a 2007 Dodge Dakota

Male: Today in a 2007 Dodge Dakota, were going to start Part Number AL 59555. This is airlift ride control air helper springs. Also were going to install Part Number AL25592. This is the airlift load controller 2 compressor system. First off were going to start our work with the airbags. Were going to secure the upper bracket and lower bracket together to put the installation tool.

Top bracket will get large throw section with two nylon nuts and the bottom bracket will get a half inch flat washer and half inch bolt. Well go ahead and loosely attach these parts together for now. One thing you want to do is make sure you keep the half inch flat washer and bolt for re-installation later.Okay. Next, well go ahead and attach a lower bracket to the top of the springs. First well lay it on the top of the springs.

Sometimes inaudible 00:00:49 springs point up too far where they cant sit on the bracket. In this case, well go ahead and use the spacers. We want our upper bracket to touch the weld where the two frame sections come together. Once we have it in the right position, well go ahead and attach the lower bracket to the spring. Well use a U bolt, a flat washer, and a lock nut. Then well go ahead and tighten these down.

As we tighten them down, its a good idea to go ahead and double check the alignment on the top bracket. Youll have to loosen it up and move around, when you tighten it down the bracket, itll move a little bit on you, so just make sure you have it in the right position. Also you want the lower bracket to be pulled as closer to wheel as much as possible. That way the lower bracket has enough clearance with the frame. In this case, try to have a little over half an inch.

Once we are secure with the lower bracket position in the top bracket then well go ahead and tighten the lower bracket down for good. We will torque them down as described in the instructions. One other thing you may want to check is make sure you get about 2-1/2 inches of clearance around our installation tool. Thatll make sure we have enough room for our air spring. All right now, well go and attach the upper bracket to the frame. Well go ahead and drill a small power hole first and then go back it with 3/8ths inch drill bit. Then well mark and drill our upper holes. Again, with a inaudible 00:02:25 then going up to a 5/16th. Now well go ahead and remove the installation tool. Now remember, we need to keep the nylon nut on top and the bolt on the bottom. Okay with double bracket out of the way, well go ahead and drill a inaudible 00:02:48 holes all the way to the backside of the frame. Now therere some brake lines and some wires back there, so its a good idea to go ahead and loose up the wires to get them out of the way, but then we will go ahead and put the cardboard between the brake line and frame. This can also be piece of wood. Well go ahead and mark our holes and then drill out this time with a quarter inch bit being careful to go through the other side of the frame. Then well go ahead and drill an option 3/8th size. Now on the 3.8ths holes on the outside portion of frame, well need to drill those out to half an inch to provide enough room from frame inserts. Once our holes are drilled out, well go ahead and install the inserts. Now its a shorter one and a longer one. The shorter one will go towards the rear of the truck. Then well install two, 3/8ths x 4-inch long Hex bolts with flat washers. Run those to the lower holes and into the spacers.Once we have them all the way through, on the other side, well install the large flat washers and nuts. Leave those loose for now then on top two holes, well install two self-threading bolts. Well get them started and then tighten down as indicated in the instructions. Then well go ahead and torque down our lower two bolts. All right, at this point we can go ahead and install our air spring. First of well install a 90 degree air swivel fitting to top the air spring. Well start by hand until it hits the seal and then well go ahead and tighten down with one and a half turns. Okay, well guide the fitting to the center of a mounting hole on the upper bracket. Then well attach the air spring to lower bracket using a flat washer and a bolt that well use from the installation tool earlier. Now, work in place this will take some patience, but well leave it loose for now. Then well install the nylon nut over an air fitting on to upper thread post of the air spring. Then well go ahead and tighten it down. At this point, well be installing the air lines that will go to the bumper or some other location. This is getting an air compressor kit installed, well go ahead and will meet that step. Were still going to fill air in a bag to help it center up and then tighten down the bottom bolt. In this case, were going to use an extra air line and air fitting we had, and well go ahead and use it to fill the bag, just enough to give some shape then we can go ahead and adjust it. Then we can go ahead and tighten down the bolt.At this point, we can go ahead and start our installation of the compressor kit part number AL25592. Our step starting with the compressor is find a location for air gauge and the controls. You find a small place underneath the dashboard in the center console, never going on to the bottom edge. The bracket for a gauge sticks out little further than the area were going to install, so were going to trim off the tabs and drill new holes into it.Okay, with the tabs trimmed off and new holes drilled, well go ahead and give it a test. Once were satisfied with it, well go ahead and leave it alone for now. Well actually mount a dash. That will be one of the last things we do.Next well go ahead and find a location for our air compressor. Now were going to mount our compressor on the inside edge of a sheet metal on the bed of the truck itself. Now the kit comes with self-tapping screws for this were going to use some quarter inch hardware instead to help mount it to the sheet metal.Then well take a block wire with the ring terminal, we need to run that to ground. Well go to the frame and well use one of the screws that come with the kit to install it from ground. Now when you go back up to our air gauge and wed install the wire harness number 1. First off well take the air line, push it on to the barb fitting. Then we will take two wires with the terminals and run those into the back of the switch.Now well go ahead and work up harness number 2. Well go back down to the compressor, well take the air line and push it down to the barb line on the air compressor. Then well take the one red wire with the ring terminal and connect it to the red wire on the air compressor. Now the end of the air line that were using going straight to our compressor would be one with the tee. The other end will go up to wire harness number 1.Now, well go ahead and route a wire up to the cab. In this case, were underneath the body work along some edges to help keep it up and out of the way. Then well run through a grommet for a parking brake cable. Well remove the driver side threshold panels with a panel-removal tool. Now we got the panels removed, we will go ahead and pull back the carpet underneath the pedals and pull it off to a side. Well go ahead and make a hole in it to run a wire and an air line through it but just big enough were going to run an air line and wire through and still be snug.Then well take the excess length and well just loop it up and hide underneath the carpet. Next, well go ahead and connect the two harnesses together, and to make a connection, well go ahead and take an air line and push into the tee that goes to the pressure sensor. Then well do a small tab on the pressure sensor for other wire. Well go ahead and push that on to the tab.Now well go ahead and start working on our air lines going from a compressor to our airbags. Well go ahead and take a length of line that comes with the air compressor kit and push it into the tee thats right behind the air compressor. Then we will route that over to our back axle and then into our airbags. When were into airbags, were into the driver side. Well also place a tee between air compressor and driver side airbag so you can run it over to the other side to the passenger side and well connect directly into the airbag there.At this point, we can go ahead and hook up a power wire. This will be a wire with a blue fuse holder already installed on it. Then well need to run this out to our fuse box. Now in this case, the wire is going to be a little bit short, so were going to add the suction to it to make it longer to reach up to the fuse box. Well go ahead and cut it and were going to save the other end and nail the slice in and make sure the length of red wire. This wire does come with the kit as well as a couple of bolt connectors. Well go ahead and poke a hole through the rubber grommet on the firewall then well be using the other piece of air line tubing to use it run force it through. Then well pull it to our fuse panel.Now once we get to fuse panel, well need to find one circuit that light turns on with the ignition. Well go ahead and test our fuse with the key off until we find one that doesnt have any power to it. Then well check it with the key on. In this case, the circuit that were using would associate with the radio. Now well go ahead and remove the fuse and then we find out which side of the socket for a fuse is hot and well go ahead and use our tester for that. Okay. Now that we know which side is hot when we turn the ignition, well go ahead and add our fuse tap to our fuse. Its a small brass piece that slips over one leg of the fuse and snaps over a top. Then well just reinstall the fuse. Okay. Then we can go ahead and take our terminal and pull it through a fuse tap. Then well route a wire out to the fuse box. On the final location, well go ahead and make a small notch in it, so that we can reinstall though it and not pinch the wire. All right with this connection made, our system is actually ready to work. Well go ahead and try it out before we work on anything else. Well get into inaudible 00:11:28 turns at the arm position and check for operation. It should turn on right from the back and inflate the airbags to about minimum 10 PSI. Okay, looks like everything is working. Right. The next step is go ahead and provide some illumination for a gauge. Weve got take our wires that come with the kit, add two terminals that will plug into the back of a gauge and a black wire will run to ground, and then a red wire will connect up to for power. Now well connect our power up, were going to use a wire that comes out right behind the switch for headlights. Were going to disconnect the wire harness that goes into the switch by simply pushing down on the small tab. Those will be impossible to see yet to go by feel. Then we can go ahead and pull it down and make our connection. Itll make your connection to a running light circuit, we notice that there are two of a same color wires. You then double check to make sure which one is lit up when you turn on the running light circuit. To make your connection, youll be using the provided quick splice connector. Now youve everything working, were going to go ahead and mount the gauge at the bottom of our dash and then we go ahead zip tie and hide our wires in air lines as needed. Okay with all wires stashed away underneath the dash, well go ahead and do the same thing for wires in the air lines underneath the truck. Right, well go ahead and put on the rear wheels and then well go ahead and take it out for a test drive.With that thatll finish part number AL25592 and AL59555 from Air Lift on a 2007 Dodge Dakota. .

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