Air Lift LoadLifter Air Helper Springs Installation - 2011 GMC Sierra

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How to Install Air Lift LoadLifter Air Helper Springs on a 2011 GMC Sierra

Today on this 2011 GMC Sierra, we're going to install part number AL57338 from Air Lift. First thing we're going to do is lift the vehicle up so that we can take the load up some suspension to give us more working room, then we'll go ahead and remove the jounce bumpers from the very bottom. All we have to do is just pry them out. Next, we'll go ahead and remove the bracket for the brake lines that are located on the axle. At the end of the install, this bracket will be reinstalled. Also, there's a bolt in front of the axle for parking brake.

We have to remove that one as well. Now, we'll go ahead and start pre-assembly of our air bag. We're going to set a roll plate on both ends of the air springs. We'll install the 90-degree elbow on top half of the air spring and then install the top bracket. Then go to the other side of the spring and install the bottom bracket.

With the air spring assembled, we can go ahead and put it into place. We'll go ahead and align it with the base of the jounce stop and even it up and make sure the bottom half that's secured over the axle. We'll align it left and right to make sure the bellows are straight then we can mark and drill our holes for our upper bracket. We'll drill out to a 5/16 hole and then install a self-tapping bolt. With the top bracket installed, we'll go ahead and move on to the bottom bracket.

We'll install two carriage bolts and then put the clamp on the bottom. The clamp will receive a flat washer and a lock nut, one on each side. Then to align up the bellows, make sure everything is good and then we'll tighten them down for good. With the spring installed, we can reinstall the brake lines on the back side of the axle and then the parking brake on the front side of the axle using the new threads that are in the bracket. With the parking brake and brake lines attached, we can go ahead and run our air line.

When we cut our air line to length, we'll go ahead and make sure we have a straight even cut. Before we install our air line for good, we'll slip on a piece of a special tubing as the heat resistant material can protect the tube, and just simply push it into the elbow on top of the air spring. Push it as far as we can go and a small tug back is all we should need. All right, we'll take our air line from the air spring and route it over down the passenger's side frame rail and over to the driver's side. We'll have a common point for both sides to air up that. With our air tubing installed, we need to mount them up and instead of making a permanent installation to the bumper, we're actually going to use a bracket to do the job. We'll be using part number 418140 from Tow Ready. This is our universal mounting bracket for trailer connectors. We're going to use it in a vertical position and drill out the holes a little bit and use that to mount our air lines. To install our air line into the bracket first, we'll thread on a 5/16 hex nut, then we'll slide on the star washer. We'll install it into the bracket and then add the rubber washer, and another 5/16 flat washer and another 5/16 hex nut. We'll do that for both air lines. Next, we're going to install the heat shield that will help protect the air lines as well. Now, it's a thin piece of sheet metal with two little tabs in the metal. We'll pin those up and give a little bit of angle to it. The angled pieces will fit in the clamp. Now, we'll loosely install our clamps which will go over between the exhaust and the air line. Next, we'll install our heat shield and line it up. You want about a half-inch gap between the shield and the exhaust. Now, we can tighten it down. With that done, we'll go ahead and zip tie our loose air line near the rear bumper and your install will be complete. There you have it for part number AL57338, the Air Lift Helper Springs, on a 2011 GMC Sierra.

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Does this kit fit a 2008 GMC Sierra Denali AWD Crew cab? Thanks BERNIE 652

Reply from Patrick B.

Below is a link to all of our suspension kits for a 2008 GMC Sierra. Use the pull down at the top of the list to select vehicle type, then select the 4WD option on the left. We need to know 1500, 2500 etc. Both Firestone and Airlift make air spring kits for 2008 GMC Sierras. 361

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