Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs Installation - 2010 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs on a 2010 Ford F-150

Today on our 2010 Ford F150 Super Cab, 2-wheel drive, we'll be installing the Air Lift Ride Control Helper Springs for the rear axle, part number AL59568. For video purposes we'll only be showing the driver's side and you will repeat the same process for over on the passenger's side. Everything that we do on the driver's side, again, will be repeated for the passenger's side. With the spare tire out of the way we're going to go ahead and start here on the driver's side. First we need to go ahead and remove the stock Jounce Bump Stop that is located here on the frame. As you can see here, on our Stop there are two alignment pins that will need to be cut off before we can re-install it.

To do this we use a grinding wheel or a cutoff wheel. Now we're ready to go ahead and put the upper bracket into place. We'll begin by putting the two J-hooks into the frame. The two J-hooks will go into the two outside slots on the frame as shown here. For the Bump Stop we're going to go ahead and replace the bolt with the bolt that's supplied with the kit as well as the lock washer. Now we'll go ahead and put the bolt, as well as the lock washer, into the Bump Stop then we'll go ahead and feed it though the hole in the upper bracket and then back into the original mounting location on the frame.

Now you want to make sure that the two J-hooks are secured against the frame, and that even pressure is put against it as you tighten down the Bump Stop. We'll also go ahead and take the flange nut and tighten down on the J-hooks. You want to make sure that as you tighten these down that even pressure is applied. You only need about ten foot pounds of torque on each one. Now we need to take a cutoff wheel or a grinder wheel and remove the front J-hook even with the nut. Now that we have this done now we're ready to go ahead and begin work on our airbags themselves.

We'll install the elbow fitting that has already got the pre-coating for thread sealant on it. We'll go ahead and screw it into the top of the airbag, finger tight, followed by tightening no more than two max turns. Make sure when tightening this down that you only tighten down the metal hex nut. Now we'll go ahead and connect the lower bracket to the airbag, or the air spring. To connect the airbag to the lower bracket we used a half inch bolt as well as the half inch flat washer. At this time we'll just snug them down.

We need it so that we can still make adjustments of the airbag or the air spring at a later time. Just put them a little past hand tight. Now we're ready to go ahead and put our air spring with the lower bracket up into place, aligning the elbow with the air. .

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