Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs Installation - 2010 GMC Canyon

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How to Install the Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs on a 2010 GMC Canyon

Today on this 2010 GMC Canyon, we are going to install part number AL59539. This is the Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs. Let's go ahead and put some air to them and see how they look and work. First we are going to do is go ahead and put our springs together. First off we'll work with the bottom bracket, we'll put the spring on our bottom side and install the bottom bracket below it. There would be one single screw that holds it together and then we can go ahead and tighten it down.

Next we'll go ahead now the bracket for the top half of the air spring. In the threaded part of the air spring we'll go through the bracket and then we'll fasten it with a large nylon nut. We'll go ahead and snug it down tight then we can go ahead and add the angle air fitting. This is where our air line will eventually plug into. Now we can go ahead and prep our vehicle. First off we'll go ahead and remove the original jump stop on the vehicle.

There are 2 bolts we have to remove and will take out of the way. Next there is a bolt on the bottom of the shock that we'll have to turn around and reverse it, that's way it will give more room for our lower bracket. Once these two steps are done, we can go ahead and start installing the air spring. First we'll go ahead and line up the top half of the air spring with the existing holes and install the new fasteners that come with the kit. We'll tighten them down, and then we'll torque them down to specified in the instructions.

Now torque them down at this point will be optional because after everything is installed in a test inaudible 00:02:52, you may want to reposition the top bracket to give you some more room. All right now we can go ahead and install our lower bracket. This will ride up next to the axle. You can see where the hook is in the lower bracket that will connect to it. Once it is in place, we can go ahead and install the U bolt and then the clamp on the bottom side. We'll install two flat washers and then the lock nuts.

Then we'll go ahead and tighten them down evenly. At this point we'll go ahead and start working with our air line. First off we'll take the air line, it's all in one piece right now, we'll find the center and cut it in half we'll have equal run for both sides. Okay we'll take one half of the air line and we'll go ahead and plug it directly into the air fitting on top of the spring. Now this air line fitting we'll also swivel as needed to accommodate room for the air line. You want to push it in and make sure it goes in all the way. It will go in for a little bit and stop, if you push a little bit harder, it will sit into place. Then we'll go ahead and run our air line over the top of the frame rail and over behind the bumper. Okay we have our air line ran, we'll go ahead and drill two holes on our driver side of the license plate. 8 inch pilot bit first and then followed up with a 5/16 hole. Before we get our air line through, we'll go ahead and install a nut and a star washer. Then we'll run it through the bumper and then add a rubber washer, a flat washer and another nut. These are all provided with the kit and then we'll go ahead and tighten everything down. Now we are completely done with the passenger side. Now we'll go ahead and repeat the same steps over on the driver side. Okay we have both sides complete, let's go ahead and put some to them and see how they look and work. All right looks like everything works just fine, we'll go ahead and let the air out and re-inflate them just to make sure everything looks proper. Okay, looks like everything works and that will finish it for our install part number AL59539 from Air Lift on our 2010 GMC Canyon. .

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