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Air Lift Air Helper Springs Installation - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Air Lift Air Helper Springs on a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2005 Chevy Silverado, well be installing the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs, part number AL57275. First, well go ahead and show you the performance of the Air Lift Air Helper Springs. Now to begin our install, well first remove the manufacturers bump stops. The bump stops are secured to the frame with two bolts. Well go and remove the bolts and then the bump stop. Next, well start assembling the air spring.

Well take the airbag and the two roll plates, one for the top and one for the bottom, and set them on the airbag. Next, well take the elbow fitting, and screw it in to the top of the airbag.First, well install it finger-tight, then we use a wrench, and tighten it down an additional one and a half turns being careful not to over tighten it. Note that the elbow fitting already has a preinstalled sealer on it, so no additional sealer is necessary. Next, well install the upper bracket. The upper bracket has two sets of slots for securing to the top of the air spring.

As per the instructions, one set will be identified as slots A, and the second set will be slots B. Slots A will be for the driver side, and the second set of slots indicated by B will be for the passenger side.For assembling the driver side airbag, well be using the slots A, and secure it with the 3/8 bolt split-lock washer and flat washer. Well install the hardware finger-tight at this time. Now, well go ahead and start assembling the lower bracket. For the driver side, well install a 3/8 bolt and nylon locknut in to the open hole of the lower bracket, then well also install two 3/8 carriage bolts, a 5/16 bolt parking brake cable bracket, flat washer, and a nylon locknut.

We could take our bracket, turn it over, and install it on the bottom of the airbag, securing it with the 3/8 flathead screws.Next, were ready to install the airbag in to the truck. Well install the bottom bracket over the rear axle at the bump stop seat, and the upper bracket will line up with the attachment points for the manufacturers bump stop. Well make sure the J-hooks of the lower bracket go around the bump stop seat being careful not to pinch or damage the manufacturers brake lines as we set our air spring in to position. Now with the air spring in position, well use a 3/8 bolt, split-lock washer, and flat washer going down through the frame, then through the upper bracket, secured with the 3/8 locknut.Next, well install the lower bracket axle strap securing with the flat washer and locknut. Next, well make any adjustments necessary to make sure that the upper roll plate and lower roll plate are as perpendicular to each other as possible.

Now with all our hardware emplaced, well go ahead and start tightening it down. Well start with the upper bracket to frame attachment point. Once we made our adjustments, well go ahead and tighten down the air spring to the upper bracket, then well secure the axle strap, then well secure the parking brake cable bracket.Now with the air spring secured, well install the parking brake cable clamp securing with the 5/16 bolt, flat washer, and nut. Once we have the hardware installed finger-tight, well go ahead and tighten it down. This will ensure that the parking brake cable does not come in contact with the air spring. Now with the driver side installed and secured, well move over to the passenger side. Well repeat the same process. Now with the passenger side installed and secured, well go ahead and start routing our airlines. To begin routing the airlines, well first make two attachment points for our inflation valves.Here at the back of the vehicle, well go ahead and drill two holes next to the manufacturers 7-way connector as mounting points for our inflation valve. Well start with a smaller pilot bit, and open up to the 7/16 bit which will be large enough for the inflation valve. Now with both holes drilled out, well go ahead and find the center of our airline, and cut it in half. Well take one of the inflation valves, install a nut and serrated washer feeding it from underneath the vehicle outside through the 7-way bracket. Well install the rubber washer, flat washer, and nut to secure it, and we can tighten it down. Well go ahead and repeat the same process for the passenger side.Now, we can go ahead and start routing our airlines. Keep in mind were routing your airlines to stay away from any moving components thats steering your suspension or excessive heat such as the exhaust. Well go ahead and route the driver side following the manufacturers wiring, and then along the frame, and ultimately to the airbag. Well go ahead and cut off any excess length using our tubing cutter, so we get a clean straight cut without crimping our line. Well go ahead and install it in to the elbow fitting at the top of the airbag. To install it, align it up with the fitting pressing it in firmly, and then pulling out to lock it in place.Now, we can go ahead and use the black zip ties provided with the install kit to secure the airline as necessary. Next, well repeat the same process with the passenger side. Now with the passenger side routed over the airbag, well go ahead and cut off any excess length, and then install the airline protector sleeve. The sleeve will fit over the airline, and help protect it from any excessive heat from the exhaust. Now with the protective sleeve installed, well go ahead and install the airline in to the airbag pressing it in firmly, and pulling out to lock it in place. Now, we can go ahead and use the black zip ties to secure the airline as necessary. Now with both airlines installed and secured, well go ahead and cut off any excess from the zip ties for a clean preinstalled look.On the passenger side, well be installing a heat shield. To install the heat shield, well take it, bend both tabs in, and then flatting them back out to create an airspace between the tailpipe and the heat shield. To secure the heat shield to the tailpipe, well use the worm gear clamp provided. Now with both clamps on, we can then go ahead and take our heat shield which weve already prepared, set it in to position between the tailpipe and the airbag, and then secure it with the worm gear clamps. With everything installed and secured, well go ahead and put some air in our air springs, and then check for leaks.To check for leaks, were just going to just a water-soap solution, and spray each one of the attachment points. Now weve verified we dont have any leaks, were ready to hit the road. That does it for the install of the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs, part number AL57275 on our 2005 Chevy Silverado. .

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Dennis Kravich 02/16/2014

Hi I Have A 2004 Chevy Tahoe That Is Lowered 3 Inches In The Rear Do You Have Any Kits That Fit Lowered Suspensions. I Will Be Pulling A Boat With It And Incase It Sags I Want To Be Prepared Thank You. 2842

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Patrick B 02/17/2014

It would be best to look into Air Lift Custom Solutions so they can design and provide a custom built kit to fit with the reduced height. The stock kits that we carry are designed for vehicles with factory suspension and factory ride height. 2080

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