Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System Installation - 2006 Ford F-150

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How to Install an Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System on a 2006 Ford F-150

Today on this 2006 Ford F150, we're going to install a wireless air kit part number AL72000. We're going to install this in this order; first of, we'll start with the air compressor, and then the manifold and then we'll run the lines out to the existing air bags. This is a compressor and we're going to be installing it in this spot right here. Now instructions come with a template where we take and place. Now we get the locations for our bolt holes. So what we're going to do is drill out our bolt holes, we're going to move the inner fender liner out of our way to get access so we can install our hardware.

To move the inner fender levers, a few fasteners who look like this one right here. There should be one here and then one on the opposite side. And if you--there's more bottom if you need more room back. We'll also need to remove this plastic rebut as well. Okay, let's go to install our compressor and use your vital hardware to do that.

All right, next we're going to install the manifold, which is this piece right here. There's a little dove on the end. We're going to actually take that and just put it right in this hole for our guide. Insert the bottom and we'll go ahead and run the self tapper into place. That comes with the kit.

All right, now we'll go ahead and start hooking up our wires. We're going to start off five. For the white wire here, this can be a ground so we'll run that straight to the frame. Now we'll go ahead and start hooking up our relay. We'll plug these two ends together.

Inaudible wires where I should tape them together, and then run it up the front up to the battery and the compressor. We're going to start making our first connections. We're going to start with the red wire coming off the compressor, let's go connect it to the yellow wire with the red stripe. Now we'll take our black wire which is ground, and we'll run to and stack these round right here. Now we're going to deal with our yellow wire here. That's where we are going to run it over the battery. When we run our wires up to the compressor, right along the frame rail, just make sure it would stay away from anything, it's hot like the exhaust keep moving like the suspension or steering components. We're going to hook it up to our battery; we'll cut it, length the wire out and install our fuse holder. Now we're going to hook up our fuse holder with the black wire up to our power wire which is yellow. Well the last thing's we do, we'll go ahead and install our fuse through our inner holder. We'll put our inaudible and connect to our positive terminal right here. All right, now we're taking our red wire and we're going to route it to this inaudible right here. Poke a hole on it and push the wire through to the inside. We're going to take our wire now, run it behind the console and over to the passenger side. Okay and I got a wire over to put into the fuse box and let's go ahead and let's go ahead and we'll strip the wire back, and we'll install a fuse holder for it. On the other side, we'll install a spade terminal, we'll slide our fuse tapped into it; this will go in where our fuse goes. And now we're going to find which fuse is switched with the key and I found this fuse right here is powered with the key on the ignition and it turns off when there's--key is out. We'll take our fuse and our tap; we're going to push it together. Now let's push the holes simply back into the fuse panel. We got our fuse holder installed on one side, now the other half; we're going to run to our wire harness, we're going to run that to wire that switch with the key is at a straight position. All right, it looks like on this case, we're going to be using a red wire with the yellow stripe. Now we'll use a cord connector to make our connection. We'll tuck our wires out of the way and then put our cover back into place. All right, now we could start running in our lines, we're also going to install the air filter for the pump right here, pull out the plug, and we'll throw it into place. And our other air line right here, we're going to take a--our lengthened tubing and run it from to the manifold. We're going to take our line and inaudible the same way we did our wires. Detach our tube, take the nut, line it on the tube, push the line onto the thing and run the nut back over it. We'll tighten that down until it's snug. All right, we'll take--pull the slack back out the other side and we'll zip tie our lines and our wires as well. All right, we're going to move the manifold--this is going to look easy to see what's going on. We're going to take our air line, cut it to length, picture is nice and square, and we'll see the air line into it. Push it in until it stops, and pull it back on a little bit and we're done. Okay, the same thing will happen to these two lines, going out to our airbags. Start off our line going to our driver side airbag; to our left, okay And we're going to run that back to it. We're going to use a T to add our line to the existing airbag line. We'll cut that in half and let this all slide together. We're done with our driver side, let's go over to the passenger side, repeat the same process. With everything installed, we'll go ahead and add our fuse to the fuse holder and we can go ahead try it out. Okay, everything's hooked up, let's go ahead and try it. We got a screen here, so we're going to press our up button to add air to the system. We'll go up to 25. That counts up, so until it hits 25. Okay, looks like we're set. Now release the air, push the down button. It went down to inaudible at 15; push it again when it goes down to five. That's the minimum pressure you want when you don't have a load in the truck or when you simply don't want to use the airbags. All right, and with that, that'll finish our install of part number AL72000 from Air Lift.

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