Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs Installation - 2006 Ford F-150

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How to Install Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs on a 2006 Ford F-150

Todays 2006 Ford F150, were going to install an Airlift Kit, part number AL59544 from Airlift. All right, our first step is involved is remove the jaunt stop right here, and we bolt on the inside that we remove, and the bolt will be replaced. All right next thing were going to do install our top bracket right here. Now its going to attach using existing hole for a jaunt stop we just removed and then these two jay hooks. When we install these and finally drag them down, we want to hook pointing towards the outside. All right this is a new bolt that were going to install.

Now it can come with two different threads, so match up the threads first to make sure it matches your vehicle. We start up by installing the bolt on the side very loosely. Reinstall the jaunt stop into the frame. Now before you snug it down, make sure its sitting correctly. This top place should feel of a roughly to the top edge of the frame; however, this side will actually tilt down just a little bit.

Make sure your hardware is still intact. Then we can tighten down the jay hooks here, and again you can see on the inside, make sure the hook is pointed towards the center of the bracket. Now well snug these down tight until theyre secure. It doesnt actually take them much torque to spot, 10 pounds of torque on each side. The bolt is going towards in front of the vehicle; we need to cut that one off short.

Now were going to start assembly on the airbag. Put the valve in first, then well run it down finger tight until it stops. Then about two turns with the wrench. Theres one turn and theres our second turn. Well assemble through our bottom bracket.

Heres a bolt and a flat washer run through the bottom. Get the oval flat and then spin on the airbag. Now were going to leave it loosen out so we can make some adjustments later when its on spring. Take the whole assembly and put it into place, into the slat edge right here where it pointed towards the back of the wheel. So just push it down and compress it. Pop through the top bracket. Now we take our star washer. Were going to slide it over our topper valve and then the nylon nut over that. Ok, were going to leave that, just loosen it so we can make some adjustments. Now we go down to bottom bracket and install few bolts for that. All right next take a U bolts and then just go around the spring and up to the bracket. You dont need all this thread, were actually going to shorten them up first then install it, totally optional. Install a U bolt with flat washers and then locknuts. All right, with the U bolts loosely installed, go ahead and center the airbag and situate the way you want it, it will go ahead and tie them down evenly on both sides. Once you have installed the calen it sits in its own spot. Just make sure you have some room to move around. Okay, once we have a set where we want well take a marker and mark both halves so we know where to line them up when we tie it down. Well leave one side open so we can see whats going on and tighten it down. Go ahead and rearrange the top make sure its in its spot, just fits normally. Well go ahead and tighten down a nylon nut on top. Now go ahead and tighten our U bolts to its spring stack for good. All right at this point we can go ahead and start running our air line to the back. Now we took our air line, now it comes in one piece. We cut it in equal halves. So you have the one side here. Were going to start off by installing hardware for the air valve. Its going to need a nut. Well take it all way down and then put star washer behind it. So then well put this through our bracket that we have at the back of our vehicle and well install the rubber washer and flat washer on top of that and that end up. This is a bracket were going to use right here. The tip doesnt come with the bracket power, well just use the part number 118140. Its a bracket to hold your electrical connector on the hitch of your vehicle. In this case, well just point it down and drill that two holes. Weve got to tighten it down and then take our line and run it up to our airbag. And we route our air line and we make sure we dont hit anything moving such as the suspension or anything hot like the exhaust. Okay, were going to get to the end. Were going to stick our line and push right into the fitting. Push into it and snaps into place, and then were finished. Well go ahead and secure the line as needed. All right, lets go ahead and add some air to it and check it for leaks. With that, were already finished of our install of our Right Control from Airlift on our 2006 Ford F150.

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