Adco Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers Review

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Review of the Adco Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers

What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer today. We're going to be taking a look at the ADCO designer series tire guards. So these are going to be a great way to cover all four of your tires and they do come in a pack of four. So if you've got four tires that need covering, go ahead and just grab one of these and that's all you're going to need. It does come in a nice little carrying case, which I really, really do like. It's going to keep everything nice and tidy, and you can even just go ahead and throw it in your boat.

Or if you guys have travel trailers, throw it in the storage compartments, it isn't going to take up a whole lot of room. But let's go ahead and get into the cover portion.If you guys are really trying to make your tire covers, look really nice and shnazzy, these definitely are one of the better looking ones, in my opinion, that we carry here at etrailer. One thing I really do like about these is we don't need to have a bungee cord or a rope. Some of them have them included, others don't and you have to supply your own. This one uses hook and loop on the back and it's attached.

I always lose stuff, so having that fastener material already stitched onto the back of it so you won't lose it is definitely a big plus for me.One thing that I look for when it comes to tire guards is just to protect my tires. All you guys all know that they are kind of expensive and we do want to protect them from not only the elements and salt and stuff like that, but also the high winds and especially the UV rays. UV rays does do quite a bit of damage over time. If you guys just go ahead and put your boat in storage for a long time, that sun beating down on the sidewall here might start some dry rotting or some cracking in the sidewalls, which when you're ever hauling something relatively heavy, whether it's a boat trailer, construction trailer, travel trailer, or RV, they're under a lot of stress and a lot of weight. So even the littlest of cracks could turn into a massive problem.

So taking the minute or two to get these set up, just to protect them, whenever you guys leave it somewhere is definitely going to be worth your while.So the tire we have here is a 22 inch tire, but we have a bunch of different sizes and they're going to range anywhere from around 18 to 20 inches, all the way up to 43 to 45 inch tires. So just go ahead and measure your tire to see exactly what size you have. How All you got to do is just measure from the top of the rubber here, all the way to the bottom. And that's just going to give you the measurements so you guys can see what size you guys get, but all of the sizes are going to be made of a heavy duty vinyl and they are going to look pretty good, as you see here. They are going to be double stitched right here.

So if water does end up going in there, it's not really going to go through that seam. So you can be rest assured no water is going to get in there at all.It does have a relatively nice fit. And the nice thing about it is if you guys do have nice rims you're trying to protect, it does have a really, really soft undercoating here. And that's just going to protect those rooms from any scratches or damages over time. So it's definitely going to protect your tires, protect your wheels. And you're going to be that good trailer owner that puts it into storage and takes care of it whenever you're not using it. And that's something I look for. So now we're going to go ahead and show you guys how to install them.So first things first, we're going to go ahead and take our covers and start unwrapping them. And what we're going to do is undo the hook and loop on the back, like that. And then we're going to have the stretchy part and that's going to go up and over our tire. Depending on your wheel well, it's going to determine how easy this is going to be for you. And we want to get it to where it's going to be nice and tight. See how we have a little bit of flappage going on there. Just kind of pull it back because we want that black little seam to be right on the edge of the tread and our sidewall.Once we get it nice and lined up, we can go ahead and reconnect our strap that we undid before. So now we can go ahead and grab our strap and reconnect it to the other side. And then we're pretty much done. Well, we just got done doing this side. All we really need to do is go ahead to the other side and do them as well. Same exact installation process on all four different tires, but that's pretty much all there really is for a look at the ADCO designer series tire guards.

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