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Adco Motorhome Mirror and Wiper Blade Covers Review - 2021 Forest River FR3 Motorhome

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Review of the Adco Motorhome Mirror and Wiper Blade Covers on a 2021 Forest River FR3 Motorhome

How's it going everybody Clayton here at Today, we're gonna be checking out the ADCO Mirror and Wiper Blade Covers for our 2021 Forrest River FR3. Now this is gonna be a great product for you guys that store your RVs for a long time. We don't want our plastics on our mirrors to deteriorate and fade. We also don't want our wiper blades to crack and kind of tear away just by sitting there. So this is a great way to preserve all of our products that we need to see out of and use every day.

Today, we are looking at the diamond tread plate version, but this is also available in camouflage. You can find that option here at etrailer. These are what our wiper blade covers are gonna look like installed. They are gonna be made out of vinyl and they have this really cool diamond tread plate appearance. But with that being said, they are pretty easy to slide on and the mirror covers fit very nicely as well.

This is what our mirror covers are gonna look like installed. This is gonna be really good cause it's going to keep us from getting stained water spots on our glass, and it's gonna keep this plastic nice and preserved as well. Our mirror covers and our wiper blade covers are all gonna secure with hook and loop. It's gonna be really easy to take on and off as well. Whenever you're ready to take that off, just undo it and slide it off your blade.

We'll move over to the other side. We'll do that same process. The mirror covers are gonna come off the same way. I'm just gonna pull apart that hook and loop and lift the whole thing off. Now repeat that same process over on the other side.

And probably the coolest part of this whole kit is gonna be our storage bag. It's gonna match our covers, so we're gonna know what it is. Whenever we don't need these. Take them off and slide them right into this bag. And our bag is gonna have hook and loop on it as well. So we just secure that down. We can throw this in the storage compartment or anything like that. Whenever we're ready to park our RV, just grab these out and throw them on. While all these things are pretty awesome. I really like how tightly they fit. A lot of the other covers out there on the market are pretty floppy 'cause they're a very general fit, but these slide over really nicely and the hook and loop is strong as well. So you're not gonna have to worry about these coming off with the wind. Now let's show you how easy it is to get these installed. We're gonna take them out of our carry bag and toss it off to the side. We'll start with one of our mirror covers. So we'll come over to our mirror. We'll open that up. We're gonna have the flap facing forward. Slide that right over the top of our mirror, kind of bunch it up at the bottom. Then wrap it around. Then secure it to itself. Then kind of spread it out down here at the bottom as well just to make sure it has a nice tight fit. We'll do that same process on the other side. Sliding on our wiper blade covers is gonna be just as simple. Kind of open that guy up and lift it off the windshield. Slide it right into this channel. Pull it all the way taut. We'll take this lower flap, put it underneath, and secure that hook and loop. And one thing I did want to mention is these do have a UV coating on them to prevent them from fading and cracking over time. So this is gonna be a highly necessary product in my opinion, if you guys are storing your RVs outside and you don't have a full cover for them. This is just another step that we can take to help prevent any further damage from our RV sitting in the sun. With that being said, that is going to do it for our look at the ADCO Mirror and Wiper Blade Covers on our 2021 Forest River FR3..

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