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TrailSeal Tailgate Gasket Installation

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How to Install the TrailSeal Tailgate Gasket

Today we're going to be taking a look at then installing the TrailSeal tailgate gasket. This is a tight tailgate seal. Part number is 834532001583. To put our seal in place, we're going to remove the tailgate. This is option but it's going to give you guys a lot better look at it and give me a little more room to work. Just set that to the side for now. We're going to start by prepping our surfaces.

We'll just use some alcohol. You really want to get this clean with any surface that you're going to mate it to. With our surfaces clean, we need to just fit our gasket up there and figure out exactly where we're going to want to put it, get the length that we want. In our case, we're going to put it on as a 3 piece, so we're going to have 2 sides and a bottom. Some people might choose just to do a 1 piece and wrap it around all the way.

That's up to the guy putting it in. So we'll get it trimmed to length. Fit it up there one more time just to make sure everything's looking good. Yeah, it's perfect. We'll pull our backing tape off and expose our adhesive.

We'll just set it in there right where we want it. It's a good idea to really press down firmly on that adhesive. Some instructions say for 15-30 seconds. All right. With that side done, let's head over and do the other side.

For our final piece, this is going to go right across the bottom. Just make sure it's going to fit in there and now we'll trim that end once we get over there. I don't want to do it now and not have enough or have too much. So just like the other pieces, let's pull that backing tape off, line it up right where we want it, and start putting it in place. So we get to our corner over here, we'll verify exactly where we want to cut it, trim it off and put it right in place. All right, now just like the other ones we're go through, press on it for a few seconds here and make sure we get a good nice seal. This is also nice because you can really conform it to exactly what your application's going to be. So you can see, we've got that little corner there. It would have been hard to get that to actually make that round or make that corner and lay over, so we've got a nice piece there. Now we'll just go over to the passenger side and do that same thing. Now with the gasket in place, we'll just replace our tailgate and also the cables. With our seal in place, that's going to complete the installation of the TrailSeal tailgate gasket, part #834532001583. .

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