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etrailer Behind the Scenes with TorkLift's Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs

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etrailer Behind the Scenes with TorkLift's Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs

This person is obviously somebody who has an invention and is looking for a way to secure it. There's two options for this step. There's the ones that tie onto your frame rail and there's the stake pocket ones.In the video that I did when I compared the two of them, I told them my choice would be the ones who go on the frame rail because the stake pocket ones, they don't seem like they would be as secure the way beds are made now.They're not like the old ones, so where it goes down into the stake fit pocket and they clamp down on the outside here, just seems like putting that much torque on it from the camper is putting a lot of torque on a thin piece of metal here, so all the time. I would think it's because of the cab is top heavy, we've put a lot of pressure on the metal and eventually, it'll end up bending. So going into the frame rail is another way to go. If you actually attach to the chassis, you're not going to be as top heavy either, right So you're going to be transferring all of, or at least most of, the load of the camper down to the bottom of the vehicle instead.

So is that going to help It'll be a little less, but I think having it in that camper, it's tall anyway. So because most of your, most of the camper stuff, you really don't have a whole lot front to back. A lot is going to get up and you may have a slight out, but I think you would feel a lot more secure driving the vehicle. That's what I was. Yeah.

That's what I was wondering, if it's just going to handle better that way. I think it will. I don't know enough about them. I haven't, I hadn't actually driven with one of these in it, but that's how I see it. I'd rather have it attached to the frame rail than the swing pocket.

Speaker 3: So that's part of the truck, essentially when it's attached to the frame. Yes. Speaker 3: Yeah. It seems like it would feel a lot smoother, right It's like a base plate, basically, on the car. Speaker 4: So I need to say I have an embedded camper like that, a really old one.

I was really, really happy when I first got it. I had to get it home and I didn't have anything mounted on the truck frame. And back then, the torque was flooding and around as far as I know.Anyway, I tied it down to the stake pockets and when I got it home and it's like that isn't going anywhere till this is right. Then tying it down, like Torklift does it all the way down to the frame when the size of the hitch is a lot better. And that's how mine ended up, by finding someplace that filled some wreck, some pieces like this, that I had to drill like crazy and install. And then I got it all on there and it was a lot better experience.But no matter what you do with an in bed camper like that, it's so tall that your body rules going to be that. So you're going to want something else too, like airbags or timber or something like that. Maybe since it's Torklift, say the stable loads. I don't know. Speaker 4: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now that has that little square thing you put on the bumper right here. I forget the name of it. Oh, the HappiJac. Yeah. Yeah. You got those. And then they go in bed in the front, in between the cab and the bed, but these bumpers now are so flexible, but that doesn't work nearly as well on the back as it used to. inaudible 00:03:58 so much and made them so flexible here that it's not as good. Yeah. Speaker 3: Yeah. I'd be interested to know sort of . Some forums shed a little bit of light, but just what makes a customer go with a Torklift over HappiJac or HappiJac over Torklift and it might be those bumper anchors. The installation is probably a big . Speaker 4: What about cost Speaker 3: And cost. Yeah. Speaker 4: I think that might be the big factor. Torklift is proud of their stuff. I really haven't had a chance to look at how much HappiJac charges for their stuff, if it's significantly less or not. Speaker 3: It is, but people are really happy with it. It's sort of tried and true and people recommend it all day over Torklift. Not necessarily over Torklift, but I think people just don't know as much about Torklift, but it is more expensive for sure. Speaker 4: I think your front tie down on HappiJacs is just as good as it's always been. I don't think you have a problem there. Just the flexibility of the bumpers. And Ford may be one of the stiff, but when you're looking at this one and feel it, it seems like it's pretty stiff. I know Chevrolet is definitely, really flexible as well as the inaudible 00:05:32 And they're only going to get more flexible, cheaper materials. Yeah. Fuel mileage and all that is eventually going to affect the bigger trucks too. Right now they don't have the same standards as a half ton truck for fuel mileage and all that. I guess with the HappiJacs too, they don't actually attach to the chassis itself. They don't attach underneath the vehicle. They're going to attach like between the cab and the bed. So yeah, it's going to be a sturdier attachment point.I wouldn't necessarily be worried about that, but I'm wondering if it changes anything about the ride quality. Or I think they had mentioned something about shifting. So obviously the campers not going to shift much in your bed, like it'd be negligible, but I'm wondering if having it been built in, in that spot is going to keep it from shifting more back and forth. Then like the Torklift ones, which are mounted up underneath. It's so negligible. Speaker 4: And you'll have to correct me if I'm wrong, because I haven't done a whole lot of research on HappiJac. I think when you install the HappiJac, you have a rubber bumper that's inside the bed that when you back into the sliding inaudible 00:06:59 you can actually . that positions it at the right spot. Stops it there. And I know that with the Torklift, you don't have that.It keeps you from getting it in too far where you're up against the back of your bed, maybe the cab of your truck. And it keeps it too far away where it could slide around or whatever as easily. I just, I'm not, like I said. I don't know for sure. Speaker 3: Yeah. I think you're talking about centering guide locks. That's what HappiJac refers . Speaker 4: Is that an accessory then Speaker 3: I guess. It's on the front anchor plate, like a rubber . it looks rubber. I don't know for sure. Yeah. Yeah. It looked like it would put some friction and sort of keep it from moving. Speaker 4: I don't think HappiJac's a bad system at all. Like you said, it's trying to turn that around. Speaker 3: Yeah. But they may have to . Yeah. They'll have to consider the rear mounts. I haven't heard any. Speaker 4: Yeah. Speaker 3: So how was this install I noticed reviews mentioned that it's a pretty quick install. Basically, one bolt that's on the back. Once you get it.You have one bolt that attaches right here. And then the tube actually extends in, so it slides into your receiver, I mean your cross tube on your bumper or your pitch. And it probably goes in, probably at least that far. Speaker 3: That's completely hidden. Then once those brackets are pulled off of there. This is the way it would look if you didn't have the arms on it or the tie downs on. Speaker 5: There, the front passenger side. Speaker 4: You have two holes where you can put in on that far. Probably more going to run it into this whole gear. I guess they don't plan on you leaving them in there and running them any farther. I don't know how far this is going.They don't put a hole here, so I think, because of inaudible 00:09:57 It looks like you can take it out. Speaker 3: I'm just curious. Did he get turnbuckles too Or did he already have them Speaker 4: Yeah, he'll have to get them. He already has them. Did he not buy him at this So probably an oversight on scheduling. He may already have them. If he has a key . Speaker 4: He may already have them, yeah. He just got a new truck, so he may already have the straps. Speaker 4: So yeah, that's another good thing about these, is you can use the fast guns. inaudible 00:10:49 compared to turnbuckles and chains. I didn't have turnbuckles, I mean, I didn't have fast guns. Speaker 3: Can we take a look at the front, as well They don't require any drilling or anything. So it does make it pretty easy. The only thing that I don't like is it gives you three wires, pull wires for these three bolts right here. So when you're done with one side, you have to kind of unwind them off of there and hope you don't screw them up. Because you got to use them on the other side. Speaker 3: So there's no crossbar that goes through there, right Through here It's actually, there's three bolts on the side of the frame. There's one right up here. And then this one here at the bottom. Speaker 3: Yeah, that seems pretty simple. Yeah. Speaker 5: And the holes we're already there Yep, the holes we're already there. You just feed your bolts in with your pull wires. And what I told them in the video was when you get to these two bolts right here. When you go to take off your pull wires, hold it. When you slide on your washer and lock washer, make sure they're holding onto it. Because they can't fall back down on the frame rail.But I told them it might be a good idea to pick up a magnet just in case it does. Because you can get them out pretty easily and just start that process over. In this hole down here where the extra feed, the hardware and this is probably that big. So there's got plenty of room to get in there. Speaker 3: And then when you take those arms off, does that also sit all the way underneath Okay. Another thing that makes it an accident, it doesn't . it's right on the frame rail. So it doesn't change your height. So you don't really have anything really hanging down where it would cause an issue. Speaker 3: Shouldn't cause any points or anything If it was mine and I put these on, I'd actually cut into that bolt off right there. So there's no overhang at all, yeah. Yeah, you don't have any of that. But I'm just picky and I don't like to see it. Speaker 3: All right. Thank you guys. Thanks folks.

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