Trailer Hitch Installation - 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis

Today we are going to do an install on part number 36116 which is a Class II Frame Trailer Hitch. We will be installing it on a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. This also applies to Hidden Hitch part number 90139. The hitch gets installed along this frame right here no existing holes to use so basically we will clamp the hitch up there and spray paint our holes. We will then the hitch and drill our holes then reinstall our hitch with the necessary fasteners. First up we are going to lift the hitch up there and clamp it. You need to use of an extra pair of hands because you do not want it falling on you

Generally you will want to center the hitch around the pan. Most of the time you will only have 16th of an inch to just touching the pan when you get it into position. So it is okay for the hitch to touch the trunk pan a little bit but it should not be scraping on the way up. We will make one more quick adjustment then make sure it is center on the vehicle. After making sure it is just right you are good to mark your holes. We are going to go ahead and spray paint the holes. Normally you would want to use black spray paint but in this case black will not show up on video. So we will use white. This is where we bring the hitch back down so we can drill holes. Since we have the frame marked we will go ahead and use this 1/4 inch bit to start a hole. We will work our way to a 1/2 inch then finally to a 9/16. The reason we are going to do a 9/16 will give you more wiggle room for the bolt to fit into the frame. It is just a little more helpful to get the bolt into the frame and more left to right if you need

Next we will install our hardware and we will start with the rear end. We will just zip it through the end here and pull it out the bottom. When we need to run our wire through here we will use our fish wire tool that comes with the kit. We will run the fish wire through the hole to the to the right. Then once the hardware is attached pull it all the way through to the hole on the left. At this point we will go ahead and install the hitch. We will start with the rear fasteners and work our way to the front. Working on our fasteners on the back we will put our spacers in between the hitch and the frame. Once that is in place we will put our nut and washer on. We have our hitch on there and we want to make sure it is on there the way you want it. Make sure you have it even on both sides. Now it should sit square on the frame. Once you have made sure they are set the way you like them then go ahead and give them the final torque. The instructions show different techniques for different year vehicles. The main out come if you are not sure. You want to make sure that this hitch comes out just below the edge of the bumper. If you have that then you have done it right. That completes our install of part number 36116 which is a Class II Frame Trailer Hitch. Which has been installed on a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis LS

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