Trailer Hitch Installation - 2005 Honda Accord

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How to Install a Hitch on a 2005 Honda Accord

The first thing we need to do is remove the rubber hangers holding up the exhaust. There is one here in the center of the vehicle and there is a secondary hanger on the outside of the frame and you need to remove that one as well. This will allow the exhaust to come down so you can access this hole here. The next step is to install the bolts into the frame through the existing hole. You want to use the bolt leader that is provided, wrapping the the threads around the bolt. You slide the block onto it as well and feed it up into the hole, and pull the bolt back down through. That locks it into position. Now we will repeat that and do the same thing on the other side. After we get the bolts into the frame we will mount the hitch into position. After we get the two mounting frame bolts into place we want to install the mounting bolt into the tow hook.

Once we have all the bolts in place, we will torque them down. The bolts that mount to the side of the frame here get torqued to 55 pounds and the tow hook bolt is 75 pounds. After we have torqued the bolts down, all that remains to re-install the exhaust, the one on the outside of the frame and one in the center. This concludes the install of part number 60953 on a 2005 Honda Accord.

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