Trailer Hitch Installation - 2003 Volvo S40

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2003 Volvo S40

Once were inside the trunk area, we need to get to the spare tire which has to come out so we dont poke a hole through it when we drill. What well do next is hang the hitch from the tow loop right here, then well put the hitch in position and that will mark our holes to drill out. What we do next is tighten this bolt down so when we push it up it will stay in position to mark our holes out. With our hitch in position well drill out our holes, its really thin metal and it wont be any trouble at all. As you can see we have our holes drilled out, what were going to next is put a little ring of silicone around them, to seal the holes so no exhaust fumes get up inside the cabin. The next step is to the bolts into place. Now well go back underneath the vehicle to make sure they fed through and well start tightening them down. What well do now since one of our bolts has come through the hitch already, well put our nut and washer on loosely. Then well go back here and loosen this up so we have room to work with this. Now that we have them started, well tighten these down, snug them up and then do our final torquing. Now that we have everything snugged up and looking good, well torque everything down. The hitch is installed, the last thing to do is put the spare tire back in and reassemble the trunk and were good to go. Thats all it takes that was part # 24688 for an 2003 Volvo S40 Sedan.

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