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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2009 Hyundai Genesis

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2009 Hyundai Genesis

Today on this 2009 Hyundai Genesis we are going to install part number 36486 from Draw-Tite. This is also going to apply to part number 90196 from Hidden Hitch. This is what the hitch looks like on the vehicle, we will give you some measurements. From the top of the receiver opening down to the ground is going to be 9 inches on this particular vehicle and from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outside edge of the bumper is going to be six inches. 00:23

To get started on this the first thing we need to do is lower the exhaust. There will be four rubber hangers that we need to remove in order to lower it. By the tail pipe and further up front there is another hanger here underneath the rear differential and this is going to be the same on both sides because of the dual exhaust and also we installed a strap to hold the exhaust to keep it from falling anymore than it has to when we lower it. So spray down the hangers with some lubricant and pry them off. The driver side is done and do the same thing for the passenger side. Now also if you lower the exhaust and you think you still do not have enough room to work with it might be a good idea to unbolt the mufflers from the exhaust. If your vehicle is in good shape it was not too much of a problem. 01:27

Next we need to remove the heat shield so we can trim it. There are six bolts that we need to remove here, here are the two at the bottom and there are four up above the muffler. Now we need to locate the access hole to install hardware into the frame. It is going to be covered up by this sticker. Just remove the sticker and we need to make the hole just a little bit bigger to install the hardware. We will get a quick test fit to see how much we need to trim it and it is probably going to be about 1/ 8 of an inch or so. We are going to have to enlarge this a little bit. One little trick to make the hole a little bigger is take an extension and deflect the metal a little bit to make the hole a little more oblong. You have just enough room to get your plate in there. We know where the hitch is going to install, it is going to install from this access hole and we are going to be making another drilled hole up further. We are going to hold the heat shield in place and make clearance for the frame so make a mark here and about here. The instructions tell you about a little under three inches and we will go back about seven inches. We will mark it out straight and then we will cut it out with tin snips. That looks like it gives pretty good access to the frame now so one more detail is we need to trim the little rubber stand off that is located right here. Just take the top of it off and it should be fine. Then we can reattach the hardware for the heat shield. 03:38

The first of the hardware is going to be this U-bolt and it is going to sit in between the muffler hanger here and there is a bar that comes from the bottom of the frame up and there is a piece on top. You want to thread through the two pieces. Do that on both sides and then we are going to lift the hitch in position. When we install the hitch we are going to install it using the U-bolts and it is a good idea at this point to use an extra set of hands to hold everything together. We are going to use the nuts to hold everything in place and then we will use the hitch as a template to drill a couple of holes. Now we will tighten those up finger tight, center the hitch on the frame and drill. When you line up with the hitch make sure that this hole here lines up with the access hole that is already in the frame. Get that centered and then you can drill out your hole. We will use a 1/ 2 inch drill bit to make the hole. Now you need to take the hitch back off so you can install the hardware. It will also be a good time to add some sealant to the bare metal that we drilled out on to keep it from corroding. Lets install the hardware. First we are going to install the hardware for this hole so take the bolt leader that came with the kit and take it and thread it through out to the access hole. Thread in the block and then take the bolt and thread it on and push that in as well and then pull it right back out. We are going to do the same thing for this hole here accept we are going to thread everything together first, put the bolt in first then the block and pull it right back through. With the driver side done lets do the same thing on the passenger side. Reinstall the hitch, we left the bolt leaders on. A neat little trick is if you have got multiple bolts to thread, leave the bolt leaders on and pull them through the hitch, that way if you knock the bolts back through the frame you can still pull them back out. We will use the U-bolt again to hold everything together. The U-bolts and the carriage bolts will get a nut and a conical tooth washer. With the driver side done lets make sure all of the hardware is installed on the passenger side. Now that we have got all of the hardware in lets snug down the bolts. After we have got everything snugged down we will torque them down as specified in the instructions. When you snug down the U-bolts make sure that you end up with the same amount of threads on each half. The hitch is fully installed, lets reinstall the exhaust. With the exhaust reattached we are finished with the install and there you have it for part number 36486.

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