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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2008 Ford Fusion

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2008 Ford Fusion

Todays install, we are going to be installing part number 24775, a Draw-Tite hitch, on a 2008 Ford Fusion. When you begin your install, you want to start by removing the spare tire from the trunk of the car, because on some models you have to drill through holes in the trunk bed pan. On this model you do not, but you need the spare tire out anyway to put in some fasteners. We have to remove these rubber blocks here, and we will put our bolt and our reapportion plate over them.

To begin, we need to lower the exhaust, and we have two hangers that we need to loosen: one in the front and one in the back. The easiest way to get these off is to spray a little bit of lubricant on the hangers just so they will slide off easier. And one thing to keep in mind when you lower the exhaust is to have something to tie it up with so it does not hang too low, putting too much stress on the rest of the exhaust system. And the next step is to remove the two bolts on the inside of the frame rail on both sides of the vehicle.

Now the next step is we are going to raise the hitch and fasten it with the two 8-millimeter bolts that came in the kit into the two holes that we just removed the bolts from on the inside of the frame rail. All right, once we have gotten the hitch hanging up by the outside bolts, it should give us a template since on this model the holes are not already pre-drilled so we have to drill the holes ourself. And what you are looking at is just to make sure that the tabs are far enough on the vehicles bumper to drill two half-inch holes, one on each side of the vehicle, so we can install our hardware.

All right, once we have got the half-inch holes drilled, next we are going to feed our hardware from the outside of the bumper in through the hole using a pull wire. All right, after you have got all the bolts snug and tightened, for the most part, go back over them and torque them down to the desired torque specifications in the instructions. All right, and after you have got everything torqued down and tightened up at the hitch, it is time to put back up the exhaust hanger. All right, so that completes the install of part number 24775, a Draw-Tite hitch, on a 2008 Ford Fusion.

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