Trailer Hitch Installation - 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Today we are going to install part number 60818 from Hidden Hitch on our 2006 Chrysler PT cruiser. This install also applies to part number 24759 from Draw Tite. Alright, the hitch will attach where this tow hook is. This tow hook will be removed and kept off. The hitch will be bolt into place right here and also there will be a part in the frame up a little further around this area that we will have to drill out for access of a carriage bolt. It is basically the same thing on both sides. On the driver side we are going to have to lower the muffler to get to the access there. Also we took down the spare tire for now. Theoretically you should not have to take it down but it makes it just a little bit easier to put the hitch back up against the bumper and then put the spare tire up when you are done. First of all, remove the exhaust hangers.

On this model they are actually bolted on so you do not have to slide off the rubber hangers, we will just unbolt them from the frame. There is one back here in front of the axle so it might be a good idea to loosen them and give you just a little bit of extra wiggle room. Next we have to take off the tow hook. There are 2 bolts up back behind here that you will have to get to by hand. Next what we are going to do is remove the tail lights. I know that is not normal, but to do this you will have to get to the access door that we are going to drill through to the bottom of the frame. We will get access to that behind the tail light. You will want to do the same thing for both sides. Also, if you want to, you can just totally disconnect the lights too. Just push in this tab and it comes right apart. At this point we can just go ahead and install the hitch on the vehicle by using the bolt holes that we took the tie downs off of. We are going to leave these loose, just enough to hold the hitch up there.

Now that we got it held up there, what we can do is snug up the bolts, get the hitch aligned where we want it, then we can drill out the holes for the two last remaining holes. Behind this brace here is a flat piece of steel that goes up against the part of the body going that way. It is kind of hard to see, but you can run your drill through here and you will need a half inch bit to go through the metal. You do this on both sides of the vehicle. You have to use this wire puller that comes with the kit. You put it up through the hole in the frame and pull it out through the tail light area. Then you will pull your bolt and block right back through. Once you have it through go ahead and drop the block on in and make sure it goes down in all the way. Then thread in your bolt and pull that back on through.

Since we already have these bolts snugged up and these bolts are pretty much going to stay where they are, we will go ahead and torque them down. We will do the same thing for the other side. Go ahead and repeat the same thing for the other side. At this point we can go ahead and reinstall the exhaust. We can put our spare tire back up. Alright, we can reinstall our tail lights. One other note, this hitch fits a variety of different years and here the hitch actually hits against the bottom of the bumper. It will not hurt anything. The tolerance is on the body components and vary up to a 1/4 inch or so. So you end up with some deflection like this on sometimes different models. That covers our install of 60818 from hidden hitch.

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