Trailer Hitch Installation - 2005 Honda Odyssey

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2005 Honda Odyssey

Today we are going to be installing hitch part number 90153 on a 2005 Honda Odyssey. The attaching points for the hitch are going to be on both sides of the frame. They are going to be these rear 2 most weld nuts. On a lot of the models that have seen at least one winter you will see lots of road grime and corrosion built up into these weld nuts. So definitely it would do you some good to go ahead and lubricate these with some WD40 and clean them out as best you can with the wire brush or basically anything you can get in there to clean it out. We are going to need to remove the exhaust off the exhaust hanger. Okay, with the weld nuts throughly cleaned out, we are going to want to go ahead and put the hitch up into position.

We can start by mounting the hardware on the driver side here because on the passenger side we can use the exhaust to hold the hitch up. With the bolts loosely installed we just want to go ahead and tighten them down. With these bolts tightened down the only step left is to torque them down. These bolts get torqued down to about 76 foot pounds. Now that we have the bolts torqued down, you want to make sure you put your exhaust back onto the hanger. That will conclude the installation of hitch part number 90153 on a 2005 Honda Odyssey.

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