Trailer Hitch Installation - 2005 Buick Tarazza

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2005 Buick Tarazza

Today we are going to install part number 87410 from Hidden Hitch. And we are going to install this on our 2005 Buick Tarazza. First we will show you where the hitch installs on the frame of this vehicle. It will use these two bolts right here and also use this hole where this bar is fastened to right now. This will get reused, and then the bar will go back in its place. Also, up here toward the rear of the frame, there is going to be a hole drilled out here. Pretty much the same thing is going to apply on the drivers side. However, what is going to happen is, this hole will be drilled out here, this bolt hole will get reused, and we will have to drill a hole through the bracket, here. And that is all the fasteners that will be on this side. What will happen is that we will put the hitch up using the existing fasteners temporarily to use the hitch as a template to drill our holes out. We will drill a hole here, and we will drill a hole. Then we will take the hitch back down, we will take this bracket down, put the hitch back up, and then stack the bracket on top of the hitch.

First, we go ahead and take down our fasteners that we need to. We will start with this side here. All right, we will move the exhaust bracket out of the way too, for now. First we need to lower the exhaust a little bit more some models it is easier than others. We just kind of tied ours down just a little bit to get it out of the way. We will slide the hitch over the exhaust and up into the frame. We will run our bolts in there to get started. You just have to hold it and get both sides just like that. Now what we are going to do next is go ahead and snug up the bolts and put the hitch into position, as in left and right and center on the frame. You will get some movement more than others. Just make sure you get the tube as centered as possible.

All right, the first thing we are going to do is drill out a pilot hole, using a 1/4-inch bit. Now we can go ahead and take down the hitch and drill out our holes to a half-inch. Start with our bracket here. And be kind of careful with this that you do not go all the way through and mess up the threads that are already inside the frame. And if you misjudge it a little bit, go ahead and drill it out to 9/16 to give you a little more wiggle room to get the bolts in. Next, what we are going to do is go ahead and take down our compressor here. And then we will do these two bolts here, and then just take it down and out of the way completely. We took our nuts loose and put them back on just about, just enough to where it comes to the bottom of the nut, here. What we are going to do is actually take the bracket and just pull it on down out of the way like that, so we can fit the hitch in between the two. Now, this little tab will actually bend as you pull it down, but that is fine, it will not hurt anything. Go ahead and reinstall our hitch. Slide it over the exhaust and then slide it on top of that bracket. Still leave everything loose, and then we will install our hardware that goes into the rearmost portion of the vehicle.

All right, next we will go ahead and install our hardware. And this is the handle that we are going to use. What we are going to do is bend it to go through here and down and make a right angle to match our hole that is in the bottom of the frame here. It is pretty simple. It is designed to be flexed. So you just take it and bend it like so, then go ahead and stick it in the hole and then line it up again, leaving everything loose to give us wiggle room to get all the bolts started. And then we will go ahead and do the same for the passengers side. We will go ahead and install our exhaust bracket now. We will reinstall our exhaust bracket here. What we are going to do is go ahead and just take this off the rubber hanger, push it back through the slot in the hitch, and then reinstall the rubber hanger.

All right, your spacer blocks will be oriented like this when it is installed on the vehicle frame, and you want to have four blocks, total. All right, and with all your bolts started, then you can go ahead and tighten down all the bolts. OK, now we will go ahead and tighten up all our half-inch fasteners. And when you tighten this down, it might be a good idea to grab the handle just to make sure it will fit inside there. Again, we are just snugging them up we will give them their final torque later. All right, and what we are going to do now is give the bolts their final torque. And the torque is specified on the instructions. Next, what we are going to do is go ahead and install our rubber hanger back onto our exhaust bracket. Put some lubricant on it and just go ahead and push it back into place. Make sure you have plenty of clearance between the hitch and the exhaust, so it will not rattle. And with that, that concludes our install of part number 87410 from Hidden Hitch on our 2005 Buick Terazza.

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