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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2001 Audi S4

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2001 Audi S4

Today we are going to install part number 11169 from Curt, and we are going to install this hitch on a 2001 Audi S4 sedan. First off, we will show you where this hitch actually mounts up onto the body of the vehicle. It actually mounts on this trunk-pan area right here. It will mount along this curvature here, and up on the side here, too. And with the tape right here, we actually made this match the bottom edge of the bumper fascia. We have an idea where to place the hitch once we drill it out. Basically, it will go in one spot, but just to reassure. And also we put a line down here to give us the center of the vehicle, too. So it will give us two points of interest to line up against.

The first step involved is to get into the trunk area and clean it out, and also to take out the spare tire. Now with the spare tire out of the way, when we start doing our drilling we do not have to worry about hitting the tire. The next step is to go ahead and start working on the bumper itself. There are two screws on each side of the bumper that need to be taken out. Next, there is a set screw right here that we need to take out. Take off the bumper cover and the bumper. And repeat on the other fender well on the drivers side. Okay, we have got our tape here for the bottom edge of the fascia, which is right here. And this is going to be our center. So, we will put our hitch up there and do a quick check. Make sure the top of this tube stays below the bottom edge of this tape. Then we can mark our holes and drill it out. We will start off with a 1/4-inch pilot hole, and then we will follow it up with a 3/8. We can go ahead now and start installing our hardware. We can put a little bead of sealant around each hole to keep exhaust fumes from getting back into the cabin here. We will just put a little dab around it.

Right, now we can start hanging our hitch off these bolts. Just be careful not to push them back in. This bolt here is going to sit at an angle due to being pretty close to the sheet metal here. When you tighten it down, that fender washer is going to conform to the body work, so it is no big deal there. Once you have the bolts all snugged down, then you can go ahead and torque the bolts down, as specified in the instructions. Okay, at this point we can go ahead and reinstall the bumper. Okay, we have our bumper back in place, and now we can go ahead and run our bumper bolts back through. All right, next we can go ahead and put the screws in, back into the fender well, and put that in place. The next step is to go ahead and reassemble the trunk area and reinstall the spare tire and all the covers that go on top of it. And with that, that finishes our install of part number 11169 from Curt.

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