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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2000 Ford Taurus

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2000 Ford Taurus

Today on this 2000 Ford Taurus we are going to install part number 36313 from Draw-Tite. The first thing we are going to do is take down these shipping brackets, there is one on each side of the bumper.. The next thing you want to do is go ahead and lower the exhaust to get a little more working room on that side. :14

On some models there is what is called a carbon canister installed in the area right here. Some models have it and some do not. In this case we got lucky it does not have it, but if it was there are four bolts and an electrical connection hose to simply disconnect and let the whole thing settle down a little bit so you have more working room. It all goes back up when you are done. Lets put some lubricant on it and use a pry bar to remove it. There is also one in the back that you need to remove too. :59

Next what we have to do is take out two bolts, it is going to be the two bolts in the inboard side of the frame. Remove this one on the drivers side, then go over to passenger side and do the same thing. All right go ahead and start installing the hitch. We will put one side over the muffler, let that side hold it up for us, and we will start installing the bolts that we just took out with special hardware, and hang the hitch from there. All right, next on the hardware that is going toward the front of the vehicle, the block has to be inside the frame and we will thread this handle nut on top of it. It is going to be using this hole right here. What you can do is put your block in there and kind of fish wire it into place and hold it there while you thread the bolt on and the handle nut on top. But an easy way is just to take these two, and just tape them together with some electrical tape and but them all in at one time. 1:53

This handle will bend any way we want to get in the right spot. We will put it upside down for starters. All right, get that one started, we will leave that one loose and go back on the drivers side and do the same thing again. Once you have all the bolts snugged down go ahead and torque the bolts as specified in the instructions. Now when we torque down these forward nuts here the handle nut will spin inside here and the handle will be drawn into the frame. Since there is a hole here we can take a screw driver and give it something to lean against and then we can tighten down the bolt. Also, if you have a set of vice grips you can grab the handle to keep it from being pulled in. We have our hitch torqued down, go ahead and reattach our muffler to the rubber hangers. There you have it for part number 36313 from Draw-Tite.

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