Trailer Hitch Installation - 1998 Ford Ranger

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 1998 Ford Ranger

Today on a 1998 Ford Ranger were going to install part number 87161 from Hidden Hitch. Its also supplied part number 75082 from Draw-Tite. Alright this is what the hitch looks like when its installed on the vehicle. Next well give you some measurements to help you out when selecting some accessories such as a ball mount, a bicycle rack, or a cargo carrier. From the top of the receiver opening down to the ground is going to be 14-3/4 inches, and from the center of the pin hitch hole to the outside edge of the bumper is going to be 4-1/2 inches.

Now we will go ahead and show you how the hitch is installed. We will show you how the hitch mounts up on the vehicle well go ahead and use this bolt location here, and further back on the frame we will have to drill out a hole. For starters we are going to remove this bolt entirely, and we are going to loosen this bolt as well. And the reason we are going to loosen this bolt up is so that we can lower the bumper bracket just a little bit to remove this J-nut. Were done with the passenger side, now lets go over to the drivers side and repeat the same process. Alright we will take these bolts that we loosened up and we will go ahead and tighten them back up. Okay now we take our hardware and install it into the frame. We will be using this 2 inches by 1 inches block and carriage bolt that will install right here.

Okay at this point would be good to have an extra set of hands to help hold up the hitch in place. Once the hitch is in place we will install the lock washer and nut. Now theres an opening in the hitch for a back bolt here, just make sure it sits around that. Go ahead and snug the bolts down, and we use our hitch as a template to drill our last two holes. We use a half inch bit to mark the center of our hole, and well drill a pot hole first and return with the half inch bit. Okay lets go ahead and install our hardware for the hole we just drilled. Were going to take this spacer block, which is the same as the other block except it has a round hole. Slide that between the hitch and frame and drop our drop in bolt from the top down. Fasten it with a lock washer and nut.

Go over to the drivers side and do the same thing once again. With all the hardware installed well go ahead and snug them down, and then tork them down as specified in the instructions. Alright with that it will finish our install of part number 87161 from Hidden Hitch.

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