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Class II Trailer Hitch and Weight Capacities Review

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Review of a Class II Trailer Hitch and Weight Capacities

Now well move on to a class II receiver hitch. Well cover the weights on the sticker and cover a couple of differences on the receiver tube itself. You see here it says weight carrying ballmount that means the ballmount going into the receiver and the ball, that is what that means. You see here where it says weight distribution that is a separate device that allows you to carry heavier weights, that does not really apply to class II receiver hitches. Again by itself on the hitch its rated for 3500 pounds, that is the total weight. The tongue weight is listed at 300 pounds. On the details of the Class II hitch, there is not too many details on it compared to a class one. Basically all class II hitches have this ring that goes around the end of the tube. This is so at a quick glance you are working with a class II.

The steel on the class II is a little thicker and sturdier than the class I. Essentially the dimensions are going to be the same with a 1-1/4. Basically there only differences are thicker steel and heavier capacity. You will notice the shapes of the hitch are different, this is due to the fact that different hitches need to fit different vehicles. Class II hitches can be found on a variety of different vehicles. Most of the time you can find them on full size cars, mid size cars, and mid size SUVs. However you will not find these on full size SUVs and pickups which are the realm of a class III. That is pretty much it for a Class II receiver hitch.

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Jack D. 03/29/2014

Is Class II hitch suitable for a 2013 Prius V? If purchased online where to get it installed? 3308

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Patrick B 04/01/2014

A Class II hitch is more than what a Prius V can use, a Class I hitch would be more appropriate. In fact, the hitches available for a 2013 Prius V are all Class I. I have added a link to them below. Any good mechanic shop will be able to perform the install. A dealership can do it, but they will inform you that the warranty on the Prius V will be voided if you tow with it. Really anywhere that you take your vehicle for regular maintenance, like replacing brakes, will be able to do the install. Quick oil change places probably will not be able to perform the install in general, but some may. 2478

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Doug Bossart 04/12/2014

Do you sell a type 2 trailer hitch with 3000LB for a 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK 350 convertible. 3565

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Patrick B 04/14/2014

We do have a hitch available for 2008 Mercedes CLK350 Cabriolet, the convertible. It is part # C11353 and I've added a link below. 2692

Herb E 07/16/2014

I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I need to tow a VW Bug. Also later a 20 boat with a single axle trailer. Can I get away with a class 2 hitch? 5661

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Rachael H 07/17/2014

You will have to determine the Gross Combined Weight Rating of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. This is the total weight of your both your Jeep fully loaded and the maximum weight of the trailer (or towed vehicle) fully loaded. This will be listed in your owners manual or you can check with your local dealership. A class 2 trailer hitch should work for the boat, and the VW bug as long as you are within the GCWR of your Jeep. Then get a hitch that is rated appropriately for the towing that you will need. I have also included a link to the help articles that we have that detail the items you may need for flat towing the VW. I would also check the owners manual of the VW to make sure that there are not any modifications that need to be done before flat towing. 4582